Emote Delighted JJK Mobile Legends (ML), How To Get & Price!

Mobile Legends is definitely fun to try various things in the game. Like this time you can know about Emote Delighted JJK Mobile Legends (ML), How to Get & Price! This is definitely interesting for you to know.

This is true for the Mobile Legends game, as the players also know about some of the latest updates at the moment. Therefore, it is not surprising that this game has become a popular game that you can play.

You can see the discussion in more detail later in the article below, but before that, there’s no harm in finding out about the discussion of Squad Names in Mobile Legends . 

This time you can also find out about the discussion of Emote Delighted JJK for the MLBB game. A more detailed discussion later you can see directly in the article below of course.

Emote Delighted JJK Mobile Legends (ML)

Regarding the Delighted Yuji emote, players can actually get it from the Jujutsu Kaisen event this time. You can get this emote with interesting effects in the Mobile Legends game.

The Delighted emote actually has sound effects from the anime character Yuji Itadori which can be used to taunting opposing heroes. This time you can also find out how to get it and also the price.

Harga Emote Delighted

The price for Emote Delighted is around IDR 50,000 or 150 diamonds later. This happens because you can later do a draw event and collect the crests for the emote.

You can try doing this to get emotes later. Maybe you also want to know how to get it, you can see the following discussion later.

How to Get Delighted Emote

Login Game

The first thing you can do later is to log in according to the schedule of the event taking place in the MLBB game.

Buka Event Jujutsu Kaisen

Next, after you have finished logging in, you can immediately open the Jujutsu Kaisen event to find out what the emote claims are like.

Change Crest

After that, you can immediately claim the emote which will be in the event shop with 32 crests. That way, you can have it.

Delighted Emote Already Owned

Later, you will be able to get the emote and you can immediately try to show off the emote in the game.

Regarding the discussion, it can make MLBB players now know what the Delighted emote is like. That way, you can understand it and you can also get it later.

That was an explanation of the Delighted JJK emote that can be known in the MLBB game later. Clearly this information can be understood later and what do you think about the discussion?