Quick Chat Gojo JJK Mobile Legends (ML), How To Get & Price!

Mobile Legends is indeed for the game, of course you can try to find out many things. Of course you can also find out like Quick Chat Gojo JJK Mobile Legends (ML), How to Get & Price! Indeed, later you can understand what it’s like.

You can definitely try to find various kinds of new content in the Mobile Legends game this time. Moreover, the existing content certainly includes events that are taking place, of course.

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This time you can understand what the discussion is about Quick Chat Gojo JJK for the MLBB game. Want to know what the discussion is like, you can see it directly in the following article later.

Quick Chat Gojo JJK Mobile Legends (ML)

The Gojo Quick Chat which will be discussed this time can be obtained by players from the Jujutsu Kaisen event. The Quick Chat that you use is really interesting because it is voiced by the anime character Gojo Satoru.

For players who may be fans of the Jujutsu Kaisen anime series, you can try to have it this time to play in the Mobile Legends game. You can also find out the price or how to get it in the game.

Gojo Quick Chat Price

Regarding the price of Quick Chat Gojo, the price is around Rp15,000 or equivalent to 50 diamonds. Later you can get 5 Quick Chats to use later.

Dimana untuk isi dari quick chatnya seperti [Gojo] Not bad, that was wild., [Gojo] Thanks for your hard work., [Gojo] I want the buff., [Gojo] Check the map., atau [Gojo] It’s time to attack the Turtle.

How to Get Gojo Quick Chat

Login Game

Later, the first thing you have to do is log in to the game according to the schedule for the JJK X MLBB event.

Buka Event Jujutsu Kaisen

You can then directly open the Jujutsu Kaisen event after logging in of course. So later you can know what it’s like to get the quick chat bundle.

Search Event Shop 

So you can look for the quick chat bundle that you can exchange for the 10 crests so you can choose which quick chat you want to use.

Quick Chat Already Owned

After that, you already have Quick Chat Gojo and you can immediately install it and use it when playing in the land of dawn of course.

That’s the info that can be known from the players for the MLBB game for Gojo’s quick chat. Maybe with that you can use it and can get it right away.

So we explained earlier what Quick Chat Gojo is like that you can get in the MLBB game. Of course, that way you can understand and what do you think of the explanation this time?