WanWan’s Ultimate Skill is Insta-Kill move!

Moontoon gave this hero a unique skill among other marksmen. The skill that she’s come with give high damage output, the range is very large, and the most important: it’s deadly.


Wanwan might not be the newest hero addition anymore in Mobile Legends. But this hero still has the same difficulty to play with, especially her ultimate skill. This time, we will explain her ultimate to its maximum potential to insta-kill the enemy!

Why it could be that deadly? Moontoon gave this hero unique skills among other Marksmen. Her skill gave high damage output while maintaining the long range, combination of those two attributes make her a deadly hero.

Because of that, Moontoon decided not to make her overpowered. They limit the use of her ultimate. There is specific skill for the player to execute before they could use her ultimate can be used.

skill ultimate wanwan Mobile Legends

To use this ultimate skill, you must first destroy the enemies “weakness point”. Because of this, you can kill your enemy’s hero first using your massive direct damage.

Use WanWan’s Ultimate to Insta-Kill your enemy!

This might be hard for you who use Wan Wan for the first time, but it will be easy if you get used to it.

For you to access her skill easily, be sure to try these tips below.

  1. Shoot your Shallow’s Path toward your enemy

Enemy’s weak point is shown with an appearing circle that is split into some parts that encircle them.

To make them appear, you can try to aim Shallow’s Path toward your enemy, and continue with your basic attack.

If you can get enemy’s weakness point, you can finish them with your Ultimate!

  1. Attack your enemy from the side!

The second tips that mostly used to get her Ultimate Skill activates is attacking your enemy beside them.

This attack adds the element of surprise to the enemies. You can hide and wait for the enemy to come before attacking them. The other way to do this is you can attack beside them with your ultimate skill.


But you must position yourself safely and make sure your tank cover you. This way is very reliable to use her, and it have 70% chance to activates her ultimate.

  1. Use “1st Skill + Basic Attack” Combo

This hero is very easy when you get used to her playstyle. The only thing you need to do is attack continuously. The more you attack, the more chance you gain to activates her ultimate skill.

The tip is attacks your enemies as much as you and your ultimate instantly activates itself. After barraging your enemies with your shot, end them with that Ultimate.

  1. Know your enemies weakness point, then use WanWan’s Ultimate

Last but not least tip is you must know their weakness point. Finding this out is fairly easy, you just need to attack them and then there will be circle around their body.

To use her ultimate skill, the circle around enemy’s body must be hit by WanWan’s basic attack or her 1st skill, and her ultimate will automatically activates itself.

And so that’s it for today’s tip to activates WanWan’s Ultimate Skill in Mobile Legends. Have you managed to do it? Let us know in the comment section below!

Peace out!


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