Examples Comp Free Fire (FF) Teams Suitable Many People

With a good comp team, you will benefit greatly in playing. There are many comp teams that you can use in Free Fire and maybe some here can help you.


Perfecting the comp team is not easy because of many considerations. One of them is the players with different play styles. So here we will try to give an example of the Free Fire (FF) comp team for you.

With a good comp team, you will benefit greatly in playing. There are many comp teams that you can use in Free Fire and maybe some here can help you.

Actually it is quite free in forming a team and there are no problems. But yes, try to divide all tasks properly. This is to support your game later too.

It’s not a difficult thing to form a comp team because you must already understand each other in your squad. If you already understand each playstyle, then later it will not be difficult to share.


Example of Team Comp Free Fire (FF)

So, here, let’s talk about the Free Fire (FF) comp team that might be of use to you. Some of these comp teams are just examples, because there are still many of them.


  1. 2 Rusher, 1 Sniper, 1 Support
  2. 1 Rusher, 2 Support, 1 Sniper
  3. 1 Rusher, 1 Flanker, 2 Support
  4. 2 Rusher, 2 Sniper, 1 Support
  5. 2 Flankers, 1 Sniper, 1 Support

Some of these examples you might use to play with your friends. Even all rusher also doesn’t matter as long as you are confident. So it’s not certain about the comp team.


2 Rusher, 1 Sniper, 1 Support

This team comp is probably the most basic and quite widely used. By using 2 rusher, sniper and support, the team can be played more flexibly. Moreover, the distribution of tasks is evenly distributed.


These 2 rusher can also be flexible. For example, not both are looking for kills, but some are more tanky. The rest, just fill in according to the players who want to play any character in Free Fire. Fairly strong and relatively consistent.

Examples of characters:

  1. Jota
  2. A124
  3. Moco
  4. Steffie


1 Rusher, 2 Support, 1 Sniper

Comp this one is arguably quite strong with one spearhead. Especially if your rusher is a very strong fragger, of course it can be effective with help from others.

2 supports can accompany one rusher who will be protected from the sniper from a safe place. But the danger is that if your rusher dies it’s useless, it will be difficult for other players to support later.

Examples of characters:

  1. Jai
  2. Alok
  3. Kapella
  4. Laura


1 Rusher, 1 Flanker, 2 Support

This one is similar to the previous one, but a little different. The sniper role wasn’t here and was replaced by the flanker. For those of you who don’t know what a flanker is, its job is to surround the opponent and attack from behind.

The task of players other than this flanker will be to hold opponents and steal several knock or kill. Now the flanker will later pin them from behind which can provide certainty kills.

Examples of Characters:

  1. Rafael
  2. Jota
  3. Chrono
  4. Alok


2 Rusher, 2 Sniper, 1 Support

So this comp is quite interesting. Because you will be very aggressive with two rusher and two snipers. With this comp, the opponent will have difficulty moving, which is blocked by two snipers and forced to fight two rusher.

The support here is quite flexible because it can be used to help the sniper or come forward with other rusher. Or he can also be the back guard so that your sniper is not flanked later.


2 Flankers, 1 Bait, 1 Support

Comp this one is fairly extreme in terms of the division of tasks. You have no rusher and only depend on two flankers. The stanza task here is to serve as bait so that your opponent doesn’t ignore your flanker.

With two flankers it should be dangerous. But the verse here is very risky because if you can’t survive it will be difficult later. Try to keep the flanker moving quickly and effectively when playing.


Examples of characters:

  1. A124
  2. Hayato
  3. Jota
  4. Kapella


Those are some examples of the Free Fire (FF) comp team. You can imitate and use it in your matches because it is relatively effective. If you have other comps it can also be combined depending on your needs.


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