Finger Heart Emote Mobile Legends (ML), How To Get & Price!

Mobile Legends you will definitely find various interesting things in the game. So in this discussion you can see Emote Finger Heart Mobile Legends (ML), How to Get & Price! It is interesting for you to know.

With those of you who often play Mobile Legends games, you must have found various kinds of the latest updates. For example, this time you can also find out about the discussion of the contents in the game.

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In this discussion, you can find out what the Finger Heart Emote is like in the MLBB game. Further for the discussion, you can see directly this time what the details will be like.

Finger Heart Emote Mobile Legends (ML)

The Finger Heart Emote that is here is certainly very interesting to be owned by players of the Mobile Legends game. So that later you can try to use it in the game of course.

You can’t find the emote in the MLBB in-game shop because it’s in a certain event. This time you can find out how or what the price is for the emote for you to get.

Harga Emote Finger Heart

For the price of the emote, players will be able to get it for free so they don’t need to spend diamonds or money later in the game. 

Where there are certain events that you can try to follow so that later the emote can be obtained. So just see what the discussion is like this time.

How to Get Finger Heart Emote

Open Event Web

The first way you have to do is to open the web event that gives the emote. That way you can try to open the link like this:


Account Login

Then the next step you have to do is to log in later to the account you have. This is done so that the prize can be sent directly to your account later.

Complete the Mission

After that, you can immediately complete various missions required in the event. So later you players can try to claim the existing prizes.

Emote Already Owned

When the mission is completed, you can immediately claim the prize and later you can find it in the in-game mail. That way, the Finger Heart emote is owned and you can use it.

That was the information that MLBB players can know about what the Finger Heart Emote is like. Of course, that way you can understand and you can understand what it is like this time.

Earlier we explained about the Finger Heart emote in the MLBB game for how to get it. Hopefully with this discussion you can understand and what do you think about this article?