Redeem Code for Mobile Legends Coupon Pass Prize (ML), Hurry Claim!

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Redeem Code for Mobile Legends Coupon Pass Prize (ML), Hurry Claim!

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Where later one of the redeem codes the players will be able to get a prize in the form of a Coupon Pass. Of course, this is very interesting for the players to have.

But there is also one thing you should know that for some of these codes you really have to claim them quickly. This is because some of these codes have a time limit.

Hopefully you can get the desired prize later by claiming the redeem code. What are you waiting for, just try to claim it by following the following guides.

How to Claim Redeem Code

If you know how to claim the code, you can immediately follow the tutorial below. So you can get the prizes:

  1. Copy the redeem code that has been given above.
  2. Open the Mobile Legends game.
  3. Open your profile menu.
  4. Select the settings menu located in the upper right corner of the screen.
  5. Look for the redemption code option in the menu.
  6. Enter the redeem code that you copied earlier.
  7. Press the OK or confirm button.
  8. The prizes you claim will be stored in your in-game mailbox.

From the information provided, of course, it makes you players of the MLBB game this time able to know what the Coupon Pass redeem code is like. Hopefully that way you can get it and use it right away.

That’s what we’ve explained about what the redeem code for Coupon Pass is in the MLBB game for you to know. Of course, with this discussion you can understand and what do you think about the discussion?