Free Lylia Skin Redeem Code Mobile Legends (ML)

On this occasion, Esportsku will provide a free Lylia skin redeem code for Mobile Legends.


Recently Moonton collaborated with one of the companies from China, TikTok, in the collaboration they presented, They shared the Lylia skin redeem code for free Mobile Legends. On this occasion, Esportsku will provide a free Lylia skin redeem code for Mobile Legends.

Tiktok Treats is a collaboration event from Moonton and TikTok, which we have previously discussed about this event. Well this time they celebrate the new year by sharing the free Lylia skin redeem code Mobile Legends.

Free Lylia Skin Redeem Code for Mobile Legends

Here’s the redeem code that you can exchange for the Elite hero Lylia skin in Mobile Legends. So for you Mage hero users, you are required to try to claim this skin right now. Because the time for this redeem code is limited, make a claim now!

Redeem code: uh2befs5a8nc229n6

Lylia herself is one of the mage heroes who is quite skilled in magic. Every Lylia attack is very painful and of course the hero is one cute especially with the Elite skin she has. Now you can get this elite skin for free on Mobile Legends.

In addition, you can get the elite Lylia Star Student skin for 599 diamonds, at least you have to spend around Rp.1 50000 just to get this one skin. But you can get it for free with the redeem code above.

We have tried the code for redeeming the free Lylia skin in Mobile Legends above and the results are getting the elite Lylia skin for free, you can also try to redeem the redeem code above in the following way.

How to Redeem Mobile Legends Redeem Codes

Next, please do the redeem code for Lylia’s free Mobile Legends skin by going to the Moonton official website page. If you forget, you can use the following method.

First, please open the Moonton Code Redeem Page and fill in the code as usual.

Then enter the redem code (uh2befs5a8nc229n6) and also enter the Game ID and send the verification code.

After receiving the verification code, then enter your verification code in the column provided and click Redeem.

Done, you can get Elite Lylia skin for free by using the redeem code above. Congratulations!

So that’s the new Lylia skin redeem code for Mobile Legends that you can claim right now. We’ve tried it and it’s been successful, who knows there’s still time for you to make claims too. Therefore, claim now before it expires. Don’t forget to keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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