Funneling LOL Wild Rift, Is It Effective?

Actually, if you play Mobile Legends, this hypercarry has become a very annoying meta. Very difficult to counter and can snowball very fast.


If you are a transfer player from LoL, you know what Funneling is. For those who don’t know actually Funneling is also in other moba, it’s just that the name is different. In Mobile Legends Funneling is usually said to be hyper carry. Regarding Funneling Wild Rift, what can we do or not we will discuss this time.

Actually, if you play Mobile Legends, this hyper carry has become a very annoying meta. Very difficult to counter and can snowball very fast. But in LoL it’s called Funneling and it actually works pretty much the same. You could say you will play 1 core with 4 supports.

Funneling targets are usually ADC. Some of the champions who are often targeted in LoL are also in Wild Rift that you can use. But whether or not we can discuss it, not the champion target.


Wild Rift Funneling

Like Mobile Legends, funneling and hyper carry are roughly the same. They will pass responsibility and gold to only one hero / champion who in the late game will become a monster. But in the Wild Rift it’s hard to do.

The most important thing is the pace. Wild Rift is a game that is faster than LoL, and becomes a hyper carry will be ineffective considering that a faster game means that the enemy’s carry is also fast too.

It’s  little different from Mobile Legends which can be trilane, in Wild Rift or LoL it can’t. Usually in LoL, the funneling jungler is a support tanker. Strange is not it, this is because the support tank does not farm in the jungle but only holds it back. So their job is just to make the creep die and hold them back until the hyper carry devours the creep.

You could say it is quite similar to other moba where Funneling will provide hyper carry lane and lane simultaneously. Unfortunately in Wild Rift this is not very effective because apart from a faster game, there are several items that are not available in this game.


So for those of you who want to try funneling or hyper carry, just prepare yourself because it will be difficult to do. Roughly speaking, it’s not wrong if you want to try it, it’s just not good and effective to do.

Some of the champions that you can try to use in this Strat funnel are available in Wild Rift. But remember that some items that are not available make them less effective. Some of these champions are Kai’sa, Master Yi, Yasuo, and Xin Zhao.


That’s the discussion about Funneling Wild Rift. While it is less effective in Wild Rift than in LoL, it does make sense. In addition to taking a long time, funneling also protests at LoL. Many high rank players and pro players didn’t like this strategy.


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