Get A Free Maniac FF Surfboard At Free Fire Event

The Merdeka event in the Free Fire game is still there and present with Free Fire's Birthday. But of course these events are on a different event tab.


Now we have the Latest Surfboard Maniac Free Fire Mission, of course this mission that is presented should not be missed too. Because there are cool prizes, which we can get right now. If we complete the mission, all the prizes present at this event will be given immediately and we can immediately finish it later.

The event that is presented in the Free Fire game, will indeed be present and there must be a cool mission too. Of course that is one of the important things, before you get the gifts that are present. For now, you should know, that in Free Fire there is a New Birthday Event, which you shouldn’t miss too.

Even though this is an event related to Merdeka, we must also know what prizes are being presented at the current event. Of course, with that, you will be even more comfortable playing this Free Fire game. Listen directly, in the article below.


The Latest Free Fire Maniac Surfboard Mission Event

For now, Map Bermuda in version 2.0 has arrived in the Free Fire game. Of course you all must not forget this. Because from the event presented by Garena, it will indeed give quite a lot of prizes and of course we have to get it later.

The Merdeka event in the Free Fire game is still there and present with Free Fire’s Birthday. But of course these events are on a different event tab. Even though they are different, the prizes that can be obtained are all very attractive. Moreover, the current event mission, we can get the very new Surfboard Maniac Free Fire.


Get It Now!

So the mission that is currently being presented will indeed take place from 13 August to 17 August 2020. In the current mission, we can find interesting things and this is cool enough for us to try later. The mission that is here to finish immediately is indeed very easy.

You only need to play in the Remastered Clash Squad Mode, where in that mode the Clash Squad map has changed to Bermuda 2.0. Of course that way all of you don’t forget things like this, because indeed the prizes you get are also good. We will also get a new challenge in this New CS Mode.


We can get the prizes if we have played several times in this mode. Play 1 time, get 100 Universal Fragments, Play 5 times get 150 Universal Fragments and last play 10 times get the latest Surfboard Maniac Skin.

Of course an event like this if the prize is cool, we shouldn’t miss it. That’s why we who are on the Indonesian server right now, can’t miss any new things from Garena.

Of course, don’t forget, all of you, to be able to complete the mission at the event. Because of this we can later get lots of other cool and interesting prizes to try and use when competing. That’s all, Thank you

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