Hero User Divine Glaive Items Mobile Legends

Items in Mobile Legends can increase hero attributes, making them stronger.


When fighting tanks in Mobile Legends, it must be difficult to break through the defenses. Because many tanks have high defense to withstand enemy attacks. One stat that can withstand magic attacks is magic resist. This res magic attribute can reduce magic damage, so that they can withstand mage attacks easily.

ems in Mobile Legends can increase hero attributes, making them stronger. With the item, you have to collect gold, and make your hero stronger in attacking enemies. It will be difficult to attack the enemy if you don’t have items, because just raising the level is still not enough to strengthen the hero you are using. Therefore, doing farming and getting gold is also important in playing Mobile Legends.

You have to pay attention to using or buying items in Mobile Legends. When you buy items, there are usually passive or active skills on items that you can use. These skill items can make the characters you use become stronger. Not only that, you can have new skills to take advantage of. However, you cannot hoard this skill. You can’t have the same passive or skill more than 1 time, so don’t buy more than 1 item if you want to take advantage of the skill. Because you only get 1 skill.

Here we will discuss about Heroes Using Divine Glaive Items in Mobile Legends. This one item is very strong for mage heroes. The damage you give will increase and can easily penetrate enemy armor.

Divine Glaive

Attribute                                                          Unique Passive
+65 Magic Power                                       + 40% Magic PEN
Passive Ability – Spellbreaker
-Increase PEN magic bonus by 30% when HP is above 70%

Divine Glaive can increase the Magic Power of the heroes you use. this item has 2 passives that you can use. Your Magic Pen will increase so that your attacks can penetrate the enemy’s armor. After that, if your HP is above 70%, your Magic Pen will increase again by 30%. This item is perfect for penetrating enemy defenses who have high magic res.

The following are heroes who are suitable for using divine glaive mobile legends items


Pharsa is a mage burst that has high damage. He can deal massive damage from a distance, making him an easy mage to use. You can use the passive from Diven Glaive items well, because Pharsa has a fierce burst damage.


Eudora is a hero who has a high burst. His lockdown skill can kill enemies in an instant. This allows him to kill the enemy, before the enemy has a chance to strike back.


Kagura is a hero mage Reap who can attack enemies from a distance. His skills help him to be safe from enemy attacks. This allows him to continue to attack enemies, and keeps his blood safe.

Those are tips about heroes using Divine Glaive Mobile Legends items. Indeed, when you are dealing with an enemy who has a strong defense, it’s a good idea to use this item. By using Divine Glaive, you can easily penetrate enemy defenses. Also Follow Our Social Media @esports.ku on Instagram!

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