How to be good at macro in Mobile Legends (ML)

 Of course, Mobile Legends players need to know some tips and tricks. Like this one regarding How to Be Good at Macro in Mobile Legends (  ML ). Of course, that way you can better understand what the game will be like.

As is known, for the Mobile Legends game, there are various things that players need to know. This is of course to make it easier for players to play later and be able to win.

For example, some of the tips and tricks for this game also need to be known by the players. This can help players, especially with some of the changes that have occurred to the patch notes in the game currently.

For a more detailed explanation of this topic, you can see the article below later, but before that you can also find out about the discussion this time regarding Squad Names in Mobile Legends .

You can look at the explanation later to find out about the name of the squad in the game of your choice. So that when you play these games, you can try one of them so it will look cooler.

In the following, we will discuss how to be good at macro in the  MLBB game , of course. Therefore, for those of you who are curious, you can just look at the article below later.

How to be good at macro in Mobile Legends (ML)

One of the things that can make you win in the  Mobile Legends game is macro mastery. Because this is also what makes players have to be good, therefore this time there are several ways for you to become proficient later:

Pay attention to the map

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One of the things that can really make you better at mastering macro is paying attention to the map. Because by looking at the map you can find out what the rotation is like and what the destination is.

By mastering this, you will be able to face opposing heroes during war and win more easily. Because you are superior in terms of movement after paying attention to the map you have.

Check out Pro Player Gameplay

Next, you can also watch gameplay from pro players of the  MLBB game . With this, you will be able to imitate it and you will also be able to gain new knowledge later.

By paying attention to the gameplay of the pro players, you can better understand where the hero is moving, attacking the opponent and the like.

Hero Flying Time

You can also play more for your heroes. So when you have a lot of flying hours, you will understand what the power and movements are like.

This can certainly help improve your macros without realizing it. So you can know which is the best way to fight the hero later in certain conditions.

Of course, some of these things this time can help you players of the  MLBB game to make you better at macro. So that when you play, it will be easier to win when competing, of course.

With discussions such as how to become better at macros when playing the  MLBB game , you can understand this time. Hopefully you can understand this and what do you think about the discussion given this time?