When will the KOF Skin Revamp be in Mobile Legends (ML)?

Mobile Legends for this game will definitely present many new things in the future. For example, like this discussion regarding When to Revamp the KOF Mobile Legends (ML) Skin? Of course, with this you will be able to understand more later.

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In the article below, you will also be able to find out about when to revamp the KOF skin in the MLBB game. It’s clear for you to know what the information will be like.

When will the KOF Skin Revamp be in Mobile Legends (ML)?

Maybe the existing KOF skins such as those from the heroes Chou, Karina, Aurora, Dyrroth, Gusion, and Guinevere will be revamped in 2025. This is considering the presence of the newest skin series, namely KOF 97, in the Mobile Legends game this time.

Where the effect provided is much more HD than the previous KOF skin series. So the latest leak from leakers states that the skin will be revamped by the game developer to make it more up-to-date.

This skin series was first released in the MLBB game itself quite a long time ago, namely in 2019. It could also be said that this skin collaboration is the oldest for this game to date.

With the new era in the MLBB game itself, as is known, many changes have been made. This is of course to make the game more contemporary so that players can play it.

This kind of information, you players of the MLBB game this time can find out about when the KOF skin revamp will be in the game. So you can try to find out what the latest update is like this time.

So this time we will discuss when to revamp the KOF skin in the MLBB game for you to know. Obviously that way you can look forward to it and what do you think about the discussion?