How to calculate the latest MMR Mobile Legends (ML), how many MMR do you have?


As the best MOBA game on Mobile devices, there are MMRs that you can find on thegame Mobile Legends. Now for those who are curious, here’s how to calculate MMR in Mobile Legends.

MMR stands for Matchmaking Rate or what you can interpret as points of your victory when playing on Mobile Legends. MMR itself can appear after you play at least 15 times with just one hero. We ourselves have a way to push the latest MMR mobile legends 2020 that you can do. Well, for those who are curious about the calculation system. Here’s the explanation.

How to Calculate the Latest MMR Mobile Legends (ML)

MMR in Mobile Legends has been present since the first game was released. It’s just that it can only be seen on the Leaderboard. But this time you can see it in the Match, especially in the Draft Pick on the Epic Rank and above. You can show the MMR value so that other players trust your abilities.

In the Mobile Legends game itself, the MMR of each hero is certainly different. To raise the MMR itself is quite difficult, you have to use the quick push MMR Mobile Legends below too. Now for more detailed MMR calculations, please refer to the following MMR calculations.

Steps to Calculate the MMR 20202

First, to open the UMR system you must play the Mobile Legends hero with a minimum of 15 times played in the Ranking Match.

After that, please open the Leaderboard and select the hero to play, to start playing, usually your MMR will appear on the local server.

For the calculation, MMR under 2000 for calculation gets 20 -25 points if you win and will decrease -1 to -3 if you lose the Ranking Match.

And for above 2000 you will get around 7-14 points if you win, and will decrease -2 if you lose.

For the next time if your MMR is above 3000 points, you will get 1 MMR point if you win and -15 to-20 if you lose.

For the calculation of the size of you get an MMR value in one game, this is determined by the value of the score in the game such as Bronze, Silver, Gold and the largest is MvP.

Meanwhile, if you want to see your MMR rise on the Leaderboard, you can see the difference after 24 hours of global refresh.

That’s how to calculate MMR in Mobile Legends and some explanations. You can get MMR quickly on Mobile Legends by applying Tips from My Esports. That’s all the discussion this time. May be useful.