How to Counter Crowd Control Hero in Mobile Legends (ML)

This time how to counter the hero with the Crowd Control skill in the Mobile Legends game.


Crowd Control Hero is a mobile legends hero who can interfere with the opponent’s movements with his Crowd Control skills. When hit by an attack from the Crowd Control hero, your movements will be blocked and it is not uncommon for you to not be able to move at all. Hero Corwd Control is suitable for disrupting enemy movements through its skills and also most of the Crowd Control heroes are the best hero locks in Mobile Legends. This time we will discuss about Counter Hero Crowd Control in Mobile Legends that you can do in this pro way.

Using crowd control heroes is not too difficult but you also need to have good mechanical skills. By making good use of the Crowd Control skills you can make the enemy hassle and the gameplay will be outperformed by your team. Hero Crowd Control is indeed an annoying hero in the Mobile Legends game.

How to Counter Crowd Control Hero

Using the Purify spell

Purify Spell can make it easier for you to quickly escape from the Crowd Control effect of enemy heroes. With this spell all debuffs will be erased instantly and you will also get additional movement speed which makes it easier for you to escape.

Using the Flameshot Spell

The Flameshot spell is a spell that can give quite painful damage to the opponent’s hero when used by the mage hero in Mobile Legends. Besides being able to provide damage if used at close range to the enemy, the Flameshot spell will give a throw back effect that makes the enemy retreat away. The Flameshoot spell can also be used to properly count Crowd Control heroes if it is used at the right team.

Use Diggie

Using the Diggie hero can also be used to count Crowd Control heroes in Mobile Legends. Diggie’s ultimate skill has the same effect as purify, which can remove all debuff effects. Apart from that, the ultimate Diggie skill also produces a shield that can absorb damage from the enemy.

Use Helcurt

Helcurt has a passive skill where he can silence enemies who attack him. You can also use this to easily count enemy crowd control heroes on mobile legends.

Counter Crowd Control in Mobile Legends Using a Stun-Type Hero

Using a stun type hero can also easily counter crowd control heroes in Mobile Legends. Give a stun to the enemy hero and after that you can dodge and then strike back when the enemy’s crowd control skill is finished. That way you can attack it easily and don’t need to be afraid of being hit by the CC skill because it is in a cooldown position.

That is an explanation of how to counter the Crowd Control Mobile Legend hero that we have discussed. Hopefully this is useful and can be a good reference source for all of you. Don’t forget to keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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