How to Counter Mobile Legends hero on Meta Season 16 Mobile Legends!

This time a row of meta heroes complete by way of a counter using either the hero, the item to attack on the defensive. See how!


Mobile Legends usually has a meta hero on each season. Especially if the meta hero of mobile legends is worn by enemies, of course we’ll hassles at it. Well for that, here’s how to Counter Hero ML Meta in Mobile Legends with ease.

The meta hero himself frequently Banned in Ranked Match mobile legends, due to his Overpowered attacks. Well this time how to counter the Hero Meta in Mobile Legends here.

How to Counter Mobile Legends hero on Meta

Here is a row of meta heroes complete with how to counterfollow them as follows.

LingBuild Item Ling ML Terbaik Tahun 2020 Mobile Legends

Ling is the hero with the most unique skill, this hero can jump the roll and have huge damage. With this 16, Ling became most hero ban in Rank Match.

How to counter ling you can use heroes like Gusion, Franco and Gord. As for Counter items you can use Winter Truncheon and Wind of Nature. Your Item defense can use Blade Armor and Antique Cuirarab.


Is a Tanker hero with a very strong Crowd Control.Khufra has an annoying bounce Ball skill.

To counter Khufra You can use heroes like Karrie, Moskov or other Marksman is actually quite effective.

For the other marksman, you use Demon Hunter, Malefic Roar or the opposite of Fury. Ugar you can easily avoid the skill of bounce BallnyaKhufra you guys can use Blade of Despair and Wind of Natura which has unique skill to relieve any kind of debuff.


Change the Tank hero in the same entry meta. This Hero one is very respected when played. Atlas has unique abilities that can attract all enemy heroes.

There are some heroes that can counter Atlas like the Karrie hero, Lancelot, or Fighter hero like Minssithar are also quite reliable to fight against this Tank hero.

Well for the Item you can use Items Demon Hunter, Malefi Roar, Immoartility.

KarrieHero Counter Baxia ML Di Ranked Mobile Legends

Karrie was the hero of Marksman who was OP and often banned. This one Hero is actually not a big problem, because it has a lot of counters that can defeat him.

Some heroes such as Saber, Franco, Gusion, Minssithar are pretty easy to counter this hero one.

Well for Tank hero, you do not hope to get away from Karrie, but you can handle it with Blade Armor and Antique cuirarab items to overcome it.


A pretty tough mage, Cecilion can be counter by a few heroes. You can use Saber, Franco, Johnson, Chou and Gusion heroes.

This one Hero has a crazy powerfull attack. To outdo it you can use Athena Shield items, or Imortality either for the Tank hero or Carry hero.

Well that’s how to counter hero Meta Mobile Legends season 16. Which your favorite hero that can counter them?