How to Earn Mobile Legends Battle Points Quickly

A lot of Mobile Legends players usually use Battle Points to purchase heroes or raise emblems. On this occasion, we are going to discuss ways to earn Mobile Legends Battle Points quickly. For those of you who want to purchase a hero, here are the ways!


Battle Points in Mobile Legends is the second type of currency after Diamond. Players can play, completing missions and others in order to earn Battle Points. Therefore, how to get Battle Points quickly?


A lot of Mobile Legends players usually use Battle Points to purchase heroes or raise emblems. In this article, it will further be discussed about the tips on how to quickly earn battle points in Mobile Legends. 


How to Earn Mobile Legends Battle Points Quickly


The following are ways for those who want to buy a hero using Mobile Legends Battle Points!


Use Double BP

Before playing, you must firstly use a Double BP item. This one item can increase up to 100% in one-time revenue and increase acquisition limit by 1500. 


To earn Double BP, you are required to login daily or join other events. Even after you finish playing, you will often still earn this item if you do ‘share’.


Playing in Brawl

Playing in Brawl mode is a precise solution for fun and earning gold quickly. In this mode, you can finish the game in just 3 minutes. With gold acquisition of around 60 to 100, you could also times this by two if you use Double BP. 


Complete Achievement

Besides playing, you can also complete achievements at the same time. However, this feature will be opened if you have completed several missions in Mobile Legends. 


If you can complete the requirements, it will be easier for you to earn gold. You can also have the opportunity to get level points, which if collected it will give you various other prizes. 


Buy a Starlight Member

When buying a starlight member, not only you are able to get monthly exclusive skins, you can also get other benefits. Such as, getting Double BP every week and getting more Battle Points.


If you buy a starlight member and activate a Double BP item, you can earn Battle Points quickly. For each math, you can earn 200 to 300 Battle Points. 


End of Season Prizes

On every end of seasons, you will earn a variety of interesting prizes. Besides earning seasonal skins, there are Battle Points prizes that you can get, starting from 1000 to a maximum of 20,000 Battle Points. How to earn it is only by pushing your rank to the highest rank and waiting until the season reset. You will eventually earn the prize. 


Now those are the way to earn Battle Points quickly on Mobile Legends. Hope this information is helpful. 

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