How to Get a Free Sacred Statue in Mobile Legends (ML)

On this occasion, we will provide an explanation of how to get the sacred statue of Mobile Legends easily.


How to easily get a free Sacred Statue in Mobile Legends, we will discuss here for you. Please note that sacred statues are an item that you can use in gameplay to make your turret look even better because if you use a sacred statue, the turret will turn into a statue with the same shape as the hero you are using. On this occasion, we will provide an explanation of how to get the sacred statue of Mobile Legends easily.

You can get the Sacred Statue itself in several ways. Using the Sacred Statue in Mobile Legends itself, apart from making your turret look even better, there are also other benefits, such as adding a +5 star up point bonus to you.

How to Get a Free Sacred Statue

You can get Sacred Statues in Mobile Legends in several ways, including buying them using twilight coins, becoming a starlight member, and getting them for free through events provided by Moonton.

The following is a free and easy way to get statues on mobile legends that ML players must know. Don’t let you get confused about the Sacred Statue later.

Buying a Sacred Statue Using Twilight Coin

To get the Sacred Statue is very easy, ML players only need to complete a few missions. After that, you will receive a Twilight Coin which can later be exchanged for a sacred statue.

Twilight Coin is one of the items that you can use to buy sacred statues in Mobile Legends. To get the twilight coin itself is fairly easy because you only need to complete the mission of every hero in Mobile Legends.

Each completed mission will earn some twilight coins. If you have collected a lot of twilight coins, you can immediately exchange them for sacred statues at the shop.

Buying Starlight Member

To get the sacred statue in Mobile Legends, you can also become a starlight member first. This is because in the starlight member mission, if you reach level 60, you will get a sacred statue that is limited because it cannot be purchased at the shop using twilight coins. There are also many other interesting prizes that you can get by becoming a starlight member in Mobile Legends.

Get Sacred Statue for Free from Event

Besides that, you can also get the sacred statue of Mobile Legend for free through an event. For example, at the beginning of the release of hero yu zhong where there is an event that contains tasks that you must complete and when it is completed you will get Yu Zhong’s sacred statue for free. Every time there is an event like this, make sure you use it well!

You also have to have a sacred statue of the hero Hayabusa Mobile Legends. This hero statue is very cool and will also look good on the map during the game

So, that’s an explanation of how to easily get a Mobile Legend sacred statue that we’ve discussed, Hopefully it’s useful and can be a good reference source for all of you, OK! Keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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