How to Get Kung Fu Panda Border in Mobile Legends (ML)

You guys have it right now. Of course it will get easier and it won't be too difficult with this.


Mobile Legends has released a lot of the latest updates with very special events for us to experience. There is also a way to get Border Kung Fu Panda in Mobile Legends (ML), you can get this prize right away. You guys have it right now. Of course it will get easier and it won’t be too difficult with this.

Lots of updates with various events right now, will definitely give us the latest grand prize for us to complete. Immediately Mobile Legends players to complete each mission as well.

How to Get Kung Fu Panda Border

  1. Enter Mobile Legends Game
    We can directly enter the Mobile Legends game first, so we can get Kung Fu Panda which is the collaboration item this time.
  2. View Events and Find Kai’s Debut
    Let’s take a look at the Events section right now, then find out the name Akai Debut because it will be a clear event.
  3. Must Login 7 Days
    This event appears on August 9 – 22, 2022, but players must log in for 7 days to get the Border Kung Fu Panda prize this time.
  4. Only Available In Certain Events
    Remember that this event will only appear at a certain time, so make sure you don’t miss it right now.
  5. Border Login to Account
    After you have received this grand prize now, make sure you check the Account section and immediately see the Border that you have received later.

The appearance of Border Kung Fu Panda like this, is one of the rare collection items that we can have immediately. As a rare and limited gift, a golden opportunity for you to have. Keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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