How to get the Diamond Promo Mobile Legends (ML)

On this occasion, Esportsku will provide a way to get diamond promos easily in the Mobile Legends game.


Mobile Legends always presents various unique events for each month. So, especially in this November, Moonton will present an event that gives you a Diamond Promo prize in the Mobile Legends game, well here is a way to get diamond mobile legends promos at the latest gold events easily that you can get. On this occasion, Esportsku will provide a way to get diamond promos easily in the Mobile Legends game.

The Diamond promo is one of the items that makes it easy for you to buy items, be it skins or others in Mobile Legends, the function itself is quite the same as a diamond ticket, which gives you a bonus to buy an item with a discount worth the diamond promo you have. If you have 599 promo diamonds, of course you can buy an epic skin by using the diamond promo.

How to get the Diamond Mobile Legends promo

At this latest event, there are two ways to get diamond promos in the Mobile Legends game that you can find out about. The several ways are through the following events.

  1. Mobile Legends Mille Crepe Event
  2. Hero Benedetta’s Draw Event

Mobile Legends Mille Crepe Event

The first way is through the Mille Crepe Event in Mobile Legends, the method itself is quite easy, you only need to get the highest possible rank at event one.

If you take part in the Mille Crepe event which we have discussed below, you will get cake coins which you can later exchange for Diamond Promo items in Mobile Legends.

The total diamonds that you can get at the Mille Crepe event are only 225 diamond promos. If you succeed in participating in the Mille Crepe event provided by Moonton. But, take it easy, you can add a diamond promo following the next event.

Benedetta’s Draw Event

To get the next diamond promo, you can take part in the Draw event which was presented specifically for the release of the new hero Benedetta on Mobile Legend. Even so, getting this one hero is fairly free for those of you who previously pre-ordered.

Not only heroes, this event also presents various interesting items and one of them is a diamond promo. To get the diamond promo is quite easy. Just like usual draw events, you only need to play mobile legend games, share events, and log in, then you get the opportunity to do knife bloom items which you can use to draw and get diamond promos.

That’s it to get a diamond promo on the Mobile Legend game easily. Hopefully the above reviews can be useful. Don’t forget to keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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