How to Increase Mobile Legends Credit Score Quickly (ML)

On this occasion, we will provide an explanation of how to increase the Credt Score in Mobile Legends.


Credit Score is a score that can be used as a reference whether a Mobile Legends player can play Rank mode or not. The more credit scores you get, the more credibility you have as a Mobile Legends player. If your ckor decreases, you can try the following ways to increase the Mobile Legends Credit Score. On this occasion, we will provide an explanation of how to increase the Credt Score in Mobile Legends.

But on the contrary, if the Credit Score you have is low enough that you can’t play rank mode, it is certain that you are only a burden player in Mobile Legends. The credit score reduction in Mobile Legends is usually done by Moonton based on how big of a violation you committed. But don’t worry because we will discuss How to increase Mobile Legends Credit Score here.

The following is a way to increase the ML credit score so that mobile legends players have a high credit score.

Play Classic Mode

How to increase your ML Credit Score is to play Classic Mode when your credit score is low and you can’t play rank mode is one of the most effective ways to increase your credit score. Usually you will get +1 Credit score after completing 1 Classic mode match. So for those of you who are currently on a low credit score, the most effective way is to play well in classic mode until your credit score is maximum.

Login Daily

When you are short of credit score in Mobile Legends you will get +1 credit score when logging in to the Mobile Legends game. By logging in regularly every day will help you get a credit score and make it green or maximum again. Only by logging in you can get a Credit score in Mobile Legends.

Complete 7 Matches When Your Credit Score is 100

The next way to increase the ML Credit Score is to complete several matches. When your credit score has reached 100, of course it can still be increased by playing any mode 7 times. You will get +1 for every 7 matches that you successfully complete. So your point credit score will exceed 100 point credit score. The more credit scores, the maximum limit of Battle points that you get is also quite a lot.

Dont Toxic

Currently in Mobile Legends there is a system that detects if you are toxic. When you continue to be toxic until muted, your credit score will be reduced by -2. Therefore, don’t be a toxic player because it will only make your credit score low.

Dont AFK

No AFK is also one way to increase your ML Credit Score that you should pay attention to so that your credit score remains high. AFK in a gameplay will make your credit score decrease by 5 points. In addition, you will also be banned in Ranked mode for a moment by Moonton. Make sure you don’t do AFK so that your Mobile Legends Credit Score is maintained properly.

Now that’s the explanation of how to increase the Credit Score in Mobile Legends that we have explained. Hopefully useful and can be a good reference source for all of you.

You have to use this method so that you can add your credit score so that it gets more. That way you can change all the modes in mobile legends. Keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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