How to Play Using Luo Yi Mobile Legends (ML)

Esportsku will provide a guide or how to play using Luo Yi's hero in Mobile Legends, please refer to the following method in full.


This is how to use the best Luo Yi hero that you can apply in Mobile Legends, Luo Yi is a very unique hero, this hero has a deadly combo ability. Esportsku will provide a guide or how to play using Luo Yi’s hero in Mobile Legends, please refer to the following method in full.

Luo Yi can teleport using his ultimate, this ability, allows him to switch places more quickly and gives him the opportunity to catch up or ganking his enemy.

Of course playing Luo Yi’s hero needs to rely on a guide if you want to master it quickly. Therefore, you can refer to the following guide or how to play the good and correct Luo Yi hero in Mobile Legends.

Here’s how to use Luo Yi’s hero that can make you good at playing it right away. Check out the following!

Luo Yi’s Skills in Mobile Legends

The following is an explanation of Luo Yi’s hero skills in Mobile Legends.

Passive Skill: Duality

Luo Yi will leave Mark Ying and Yang to the opponent, then when it gets, the opponent hit by the opposing mark will be stunned for 1 second.

Luo Yi will gain Shield as well as Movement Speed when he increases the mark on the enemy unit.

Skill 1: Dispersion

Luo Yi will issue a skill in a predetermined direction, then deal damage and increase the Yang Uin mark to the opponent’s herp.

Skill 2: Rotation

Luo Yi will summon Fire of Yang or Aqua of Yin for 6 seconds in a predetermined area. This attack will give Yin Yang Reaction continuously and inflict damage on the opponent in the area then give a slow effect on the opponent.

Ultimate Skill: Diversion

Luo Yi will create a teleport area around himself, then will send all the heroes in the circle to another designated area within 3 seconds.

Emblem, Battle Spell Build the Best Item for Luo Yi in Mobile Legends



For emblems, Luo Yi can use a Custom Mage Emblem, while for his talent you can use Magic Worship which will provide additional damage that helps him get sicker in attack.

Then for the first point, you can add about 3x to Agility to increase his movement speed, and then for the second point, you can increase to Observation 3x to increase Magic PEN.

Battle Spell

  • Flicker
  • Flameshot

The first Battle Spell that can be used is Luo Yi, which is one of the spells that can increase the mobility of Luo Yi’s hero when played. Flicker can teleport in a specified direction and is suitable for chasing or escaping.

Then for the second battle spell, Flameshot, this spell will give an attack from a long distance, and if the opponent is nearby, it will give a knock back effect on the opponent chasing Luo Yi.

Build Items

Next is to use the Build Items that we recommend for Luo Yi in Mobile Legends. With this item will give deadly damage to the opponent.

  • Enchanted Talisman

First, Luo Yi’s item is the Enchanted Talisman, this item will increase Luo Yi’s Mana Regen and Cooldown, because he is quite wasteful of mana and often uses his skills.

With this item, you don’t need to be afraid to cast skills and Luo Yi can spam skills whenever he wants and can do great damage to opponents.

  • Arcane Boots

Next is to use a shoe item, namely Arcane Boots, this item will deal quite a lot of damage to the opponent with the Magic Damage attribute.

This item is a must-use item for those of you who want to increase damage to a hero mage or support especially Luo Yi, so Luo Yi will be better off with his damage dealer role.

  • Glowing Wand

Next is the Glowing Wand, this item will give a burn effect to the opponent who is attacked, the brun effect will give an attack that propagates so that it will produce greater damage.

This item must be used by Luo Yi in particular to maximize his passive ability, with a passive that can attract opponents and give stun, resulting in damage that propagates will be better before.

  • Holy Crystal

Next is the Holy Crystal item which is one of the items that will give Luo Yi high damage, this item gives 100 Magic Power, then will give additional damage with his passive skill.

This item will be very useful for the hero mage to attack the opponent so that the opponent gets a very deadly attack, that way, Luo Yi’s damage output will be even greater.

  • Divine Glaive

Divine Glaive has the same ability as Malefic Roar, this item will provide 40 Magic PEN which can penetrate the opponent’s defense. By using this item you will get great damage.

Divina Glaive will be useful during the late game, which will penetrate the opponent’s armor so that all attacks will not be blocked by the opponent’s defense during the late game.

  • Blood Wings

Finally, Blood Wings is an item that will be very useful for dealing very high damage as well as a defense that can absorb the opponent’s damage.

This item will give 150 Magic Damage and 550 HP, not only that, Luo Yi will get a shield which can withstand enemy attacks, not only damage but also defense.

Combo Skill Luo Yi Mobile Legends

Luo Yi has a unique skill, this hero gets a revamp which makes his skills simpler and easier to use, in the past, he had 4 active skills and 1 active skill, but for now only has 3 active skills. The following are the best Luo Yi combos in Mobile Legends.

Skill 2 > Skill 1 (Ultimate If Needed)

Luo Yi’s attacks only rely on his two skills, for the ultimate it is usually used for ganking only or to be able to move quickly, either to attack or to defend.

You need to make sure that, to increase CC on your opponent, you only take advantage of Luo Yi’s passive ability, his passive will stun for a certain duration and make the opponent gather.

However, combo attacks are quite simple and only play two of his skills.

Gameplay Hero Luo Yi Mobile Legends

Lastly is the gameplay regarding the hero Luo Yi in Mobile Legends. The role hero Luo Yi usually acts as a support mage hero which will give a strong attack to his opponent.

Always Follow Hero Tank

The best tips for playing Luo Yi’s hero is to always follow the tank hero wherever the hero goes, Luo Yi don’t play solo and don’t be offside, his ability is really needed as a damage dealer.

Always give attacks to opponents and make it difficult for opponents to move, this one hero also has enormous damage when in the early game, making it possible for him to team fight well.

How to do ganking

To do ganking, Luo Yi can attack by inviting your teammates, just a few heroes and then teleport in the specified direction, make sure that the place you land is near the ambush.

Ambush or bushes will make Luo Yi unnoticed by the opponent, so it will give the best powerful combo to the target, the opponent will not realize that they will be ganked.

Play Safe To Keep Core

Playing Luo Yi is usually as support, but the main task is to keep the hero core so that it is easier to attack the opponent. Luo Yi can deal first damage to the opponent before the core hero attacks.

The tank will lure the opponent to use his ultimate, then Luo Yi will make the opponent get CC and gather in one place, lastly the hero core who must make the final attack and defeat his opponent.

So that’s it for a review on how to play using Luo Yi’s hero in Mobile Legends. Hopefully, with the reviews above, you can play Luo Yi’s hero well and be better than before. See you! Keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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