How to Strengthen WiFi Signals With the Latest Applications When Playing Mobile Legends! (ML)

It has been compiled by Esportsku so that you can read it more easily. So in this way, you can play with a faster signal.


There is a way to strengthen the latest application’s WiFi signal when playing Mobile Legends that you can do when your WiFi signal is weak. As we know, the Internet now seems to have become one of the primary needs. Especially for people in the city. Almost all activities today require the internet. It has been compiled by Esportsku so that you can read it more easily. So in this way, you can play with a faster signal.

Not only for communication and entertainment. Office work and college assignments also require an internet connection. This makes an internet connection very important. In addition, you can also use it to play mobile legends.

Not a few people choose to use Wifi for their internet connection. This wifi allows us to access the internet without quota limitations. So you don’t have to worry if the quota will run out soon. However, the drawback is that sometimes the speed is not good. Especially if you use wifi in public places. The number of people who access makes this wifi speed reduced.

But you don’t have to worry about the wifi speed being very weak. There are tips for fast wifi speed by strengthening the wifi signal to your Android. Then how?

There are ways you can do to strengthen your signal when playing. You can see it below :

Using wifi signal booster app

The easiest way to strengthen the wifi signal on your Android is to use a signal booster application. There are tons of apps with this functionality in the Play Store. One of them is the Wifi Booster & Analyzer application. This application provides several features. One of them is the Boost option to strengthen the wifi signal on your Android. This option will make your connection faster than other wifi users.

Check your Android case, whether it worsens the signal or not

Some smartphone cases can worsen the wifi signal so this is especially if your phone case is made of metal. You can run a speed test to see if the case you are using is good for wifi speed. Do this speed test when using the case, then compare it to the wifi speed when not using the case. Well, how to strengthen the latest application’s WiFi signal, you can open the android case

Update the firmware and radio on your Android

Legacy firmware affects the wifi speed on your Android. It could be that the poor wifi connection on your Android is affected by this. This firmware goes through a routine process in the Read Only Memory (ROM) section. So, if there is an outdated firmware, it should be updated.

Mobile legends players must always update the firmware regularly in order to get maximum performance in capturing signals

Change wifi frequency to 5 GHz

Older Android smartphones usually use a 2.4 GHz frequency. Signal coverage is usually broad and strong. However, many people are already using this frequency, causing connection problems. You should change the wifi frequency to 5 GHz. This frequency is still rarely used, so it does not overlap. The trick is to enter the settings menu, then select wifi. After that, select the advanced settings option and select change the frequency in the wifi frequency band.

Move the router to the right place

Try to pay attention to where you put the wifi router in your house. Router is very important for wifi connection. The location is very important because the router has a limited signal range. The presence of a wall can block the connection from wifi. Place the router in an area close to where you are. Use the WiFi FDTD Solver app to find a good router position.

Well, that’s 5 tips to make the WiFi signal on your Android faster. Good luck, guys! Keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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