How To Trap The Impostor Among Us

by using this trick, catching impostors will feel easier when playing and you must know How To Trap Impostor In Among Us.


Playing Among Us, especially being a Crewmate, is not an easy. Besides complete the tasks provided quickly, Crewmate must also avoid being targeted by Impostors and must know How To Trap The Impostor Among Us.

Even though when you are killed Crewmate you can still carry out the task, but when you are killed Crewmate is not as free as when you were alive. Crewmates who have become ghosts cannot vote. of course, it takes a strategy or special steps to immediately catch Impostors.

If you are acting as a Crewmate and have suspicions about a player whether he is an impostor or not, you can take the following steps or tips to prove that they are an impostor or not.


Ask them the task

The easiest and simplest way to catch Impostor is by asking what tasks it has completed. Usually the new Impostor will have difficulty answering this.


Look how they moves

Usually, Impostor rarely pretends to be doing a task. This is because, they are planning or waiting for the moment to kill.


Ask to get scan

If the person you accuse say has a task to scan, that is the most capable thing to prove he is an impostor or not. If he is an Impostor, the Crewmate who also has the scan task knows too. This is because, if a fellow Crewmate does a scan, 1 Crewmate will not be able to scan and have to wait for a fellow Crewmate to finish.

But, if Impostor pretends to scan and in the middle of the process a Crewmate also scans.


Check if they faking or not

For an impostor who is good at and already understands all tasks and also the ins and outs of the map in Among Us, of course he will easily trick Crewmate if it is only a matter of questioning the task he is doing.

The trick of things above will certainly help you find Impostors when playing. The most important thing is, when you suspect a player, don’t rush to vote if you are still not sure what to do. However, apart from that it doesn’t hurt to suspect any of the players and try the tips that have been provided above.

It doesn’t just stop there, those of you who are Impostors can also learn from a series of things above.

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