How to Use Winrate & Savage Bug Mobile Legends (ML)

Mobile Legends certainly has various interesting tips & tricks that you can try to use. As follows, you can find out about How to Use the Winrate & Savage Mobile Legends (ML) Bug. Regarding this, later you will be able to understand it.

As is known, for the Mobile Legends game itself, there are various unique things for you to try. You can also see some of the features in the game and you will usually look deeper for these things.

Regarding this, players will also be able to take advantage of various features in the game to play. So there are many new things discovered, such as several existing bugs.

Although the article will discuss this topic in more detail, there is also other information that may be of interest to you, namely about Squad Names in Mobile Legends . You can find out about this so you can play straight away, of course.

It could be that by looking at the explanation later you will be able to understand more about what the existing names are like. So with this you can also understand more about what it is like.

In this topic, you can find out how to use the Winrate & Savage Bug in the MLBB game. With this, you can understand it and you can try out what it’s like in this game.

How to Use Winrate & Savage Bug Mobile Legends (ML)

To use this method of displaying winrate or savage, of course you can just chat when choosing a hero. You can try using the following code when playing the Mobile Legends game:

  • Winrate : 5/100/100//8
  • Savage : 7/1/30/1/15/8

You can replace the number at the back, namely 8, with the hero you want to use. Where this number will correspond to the order of heroes in the MLBB game from 1, namely hero Miya to the last 124 for hero Chip.

Of course, you can use this method later to show off your time in a match. So that your teammates will be able to have more confidence in using your hero even if the win rate or savage is not suitable.

Of course, you can try this to have fun in the MLBB game, of course. To prank the public or your friends. So, just try it straight away in the game when you want to compete, of course.

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Information like that will certainly enable you players of the MLBB game this time to understand how to use the Winrate or Savage bug. So with this you can understand it.

Earlier we explained a little about how to use the Winrate or Savage ug in the MLBB game. So you can immediately show it off and with this explanation, hopefully you can understand it this time.