Jawhead Becomes the Best Hero Initiator in M2 Mobile Legends (ML)

Yep, this is one of the things that you should pay attention to because Jawhead himself is a hero who previously received nerf from Moonton, this is because Jawhead's ability is indeed one of the annoying heroes.


M2 World Championship 2021 is currently the most mandatory tournament for you to watch. Especially for Mobile Legends gamers. On the first day of M2, there were many surprises that occurred, one of which was the hero Jawhead being the best hero initiator in M2 Mobile Legends. Yep, this is one of the things that you should pay attention to because Jawhead himself is a hero who previously received nerf from Moonton, this is because Jawhead’s ability is indeed one of the annoying heroes.

Jawhead is one of the fighter heroes who has excellent abilities in terms of initiation. This one hero is indeed a meta hero even though he previously received a significant nerf in Mobile Legends.

This is evident on the first day of the M2 World Championship 2021 tournament, which took place precisely in the OMEGA match against TODAK Esports. Jawhead became a hero who was not left behind to be picked.

Then what makes the Jawhead hero so powerful to use and become a meta in the M2 World Championship 2021 tournament? Come on, let’s look at some of the reasons.

Ejector Skill That Can Troubleshoot Opponents

The first reason why Jawhead can be the best hero in initiating an initiator is thanks to the ability of his Ejector skill. This skill is very useful in carrying out initial attacks.

By using this one Ejector, Jawhead can easily paralyze opponents and provide bait to the hero core. In the strategy that takes place in the M2 tournament. Jawhead is usually accompanied by a tank or support hero and lures opponents one by one.

Capability Tank Support With Reliable Cover

As you know, Jawhead doesn’t only have a support role. This one hero has HP and is also very good defensive. This allows Jawhead to have an excellent cover role as a tank.

This one hero is even very skilled at turret diving, his thick cellphone and great skin skills are owned by this one hero. Now those of you who play as a sidelaner usually use tank items and have the task of kidnapping your opponent.

Good at Open Map and Check Ambush Anytime

The last reason, of course, is that Jawhead is super resilient and allows him to interfere with opponent’s movements and open maps and check for ambush at any time. With this ability, it is possible to make it easier for teammates to find out the position of the enemy.

As you know, in a match the enemy’s position must be known by every player, the function of this open map is so that the core hero can be safer in farming or rotating. This can make your attacks easier in Mobile Legends.-

For these reasons, Jawhead is the hero who has the best Initiator abilities in Mobile Legends. This one hero is a meta hero, especially in the M2 World Championship 2021 tournament which takes place from 18-24 January 2021 this month.

That’s it regarding the reviews of the popular and often picked hero Jawhead in M2 tournaments. Hopefully the reviews above can be the best guide for you to play the Mobile Legends game. Hopefully this is useful and see you later. Don’t forget to keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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