Leaked Revamp Hero Estes Mobile Legends (ML)

This time, there are Leaks on Revamp Hero Estes Mobile Legends (ML). Check out the following in the explanatory article.


Mobile Legends  has released several of the latest updates which are full of many things that players can find right now. This time, there are Leaks on Revamp Hero Estes Mobile Legends (ML). So that you can find out this time.

This time there is an explanation about the leak about the revamp from the support hero, Estes. Of course, we will discuss this this time in the article for a more detailed explanation, see the following in the article.

Leaked Revamp Hero Estes Mobile Legends (ML)

In the  Mobile Legends game, of  course, there are various kinds of heroes and skins, of course. As we know, there have been various changes that have occurred and this time there is the latest leak regarding the revamp of the support hero, Estes.

As you can see, Estes is getting a revamp that is quite different from before. It can be seen that Estes will be dominated by blue and this change is of course to make the appearance more fresh and modern.

That’s an explanation regarding the revamp leak from the Estes hero this time. What do you think about this display for the revamp of the Estes hero? Agree or disagree with these changes?

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