Leaks Legends Johnson Skin November 2020 Mobile Legends (ML)

On this occasion, Esportsku will provide a leak of the Legends caste skin for Johnson's hero in the Mobile Legends game.


Johnson is one of the tank heroes who reportedly will get his newest Legends caste skin next year. Many leaks say that even this robot tank hero will get the latest Legends skin. On this occasion, Esportsku will provide a leak of the Legends caste skin for Johnson’s hero in the Mobile Legends game.

Is a pretty meta tank hero, especially in ranked mode in Mobile Legends. This one hero has a unique ability that can turn into a car and a robot like Transformer, yes, for the appearance of Johnson’s skin with the Legends caste, this time it is very cool and looks like Optimus Prime which you can see in the Transformers Movie series.

Legends Johnson Skin Mobile Legends

The appearance of Johnson’s skin for the Legends caste seems to have a look like Optimus Prime, starting from the new color combined with all black taken from his iron series, complete with a large ax weapon held by Johnson with the addition of a rotating gear at the tip of the axe.

For car mode, you will see a car mode display which looks to have a smaller body than other Johnson skins. This makes the skin of this Johnson hero certainly have a cool animation

Legends Johnson Skin Release Date

Previously, there was a leak that the Legends skin for 2021 was a Granger hero with the name Agent Z. However, this skin has become an Epic Limited skin for this month. So with that, Skin Legends for Johnson’s hero is likely to be released in 2021.

This has become Moonton’s habit, which every year they will always present skins with the Legends caste in the Mobile Legends game. Starting from Skin Saber Legends, Miya, Legends, Skin Gord Legends, and Skin Lesley Legends, each of which is released once a year. So in 2021, Moonton will provide Legends caste skin for Johnson’s hero.

That’s a review for the latest Legends skin leak for the very cool Johnson hero that will be released next year in Mobile Legends.

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