Leaks of the Latest FF Summer Event with the Cool Free Fire Bundle!

On this occasion, we will explain the event and explain how to get the bundle.


Free Fire is one of the best games available to date, and it even has a massive number of players from all over the world. That way, of course, you will often meet many free fire players with different types of games in this Free Fire game. This time there is a leak for the latest FF Summer Event with the Cool Free Fire Bundle.

Of course, the game developer will continue to present many of the latest updates so that the Free Fire game flow is not dull. Even on April 8, 2020, yesterday, Garena managed to present a big update that many players awaited.

Because in this update, you can try a variety of cool new features. Even the appearance of a new character with the best support ability named Kapella. Besides that, there are still many other new things that you can find in this update.

For now, too, the latest event that is present in the Free Fire game is very good and exciting to try. All of them have presented many prizes that are quite interesting. Even the missions presented are also very cool to try.

This event is called Wonderland free fire, and of course, this is an event that will also change again. Even Garena himself has prepared many new events that you can experience in the future.

So at that event, it turns out that you can get a new Bundle.

On this occasion, we will explain the event and explain how to get the bundle as well.

Curious? Immediately, we see the explanation in the article below.

Besides, there are also tips for choosing Free Fire characters, even the latest UMP and MP5 Buff counter weapons. And there is other information about the Contents of Prizes from the Wonderland Free Fire Event.

Summer Event and How to Get the Summer Free Fire 2020 Bundle

This event turns out to be coming soon in the Free Fire game. Even later, there will also be many other new prizes in the Summer event. Even the Free Fire servers of Thailand and Vietnam have prepared this event so that later it will prove that this event is present after Wonderland.

Even on the server there, there is also the latest bundle that players can get. This bundle has the theme Summer, and of course, you can get it through the latest Web Event. So on this Web, you will be available many prizes that are quite attractive.

These Thailand and Vietnam servers have launched and prepared for the Summer Event, but there is an important notice. The Web Event section is closed for a while, but it is closed for Thai servers only.

So as long as the event is closed until there is confirmation from the Brazilian server, you will not find out the contents of the Prize and Appearance of the bundle, of course. But don’t worry, because we already have a look at the Bundle for Female Gender.

For the Summer 2020 Boys Bundle

So, those are some of the information that we can convey on this occasion. How?

Besides that, you can also find out unique facts about the latest Jota characters, even the best free fire Jota character combinations.

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