List 13 Heroes Zodiac Skin Mobile Legends (ML)

On this occasion, we will introduce the 13 Zodiac Skins in the Mobile Legends game to all of you.


There is a sequence of 13 Hero Skin Zodiac Mobile Legends (ML) that you should know at this time. That way you can collect this ML zodiac skin. On this occasion, we will introduce the 13 Zodiac Skins in the Mobile Legends game to all of you.

There are already various types of skins in the Mobile Legends game, from normal to legendary. But now we have the arrival of the Zodiac ML Skin. There are 12 Hero Skins in Mobile Legends. You can only get this skin only during the Zodiac.

For example, if you want to get the Zodiac Leo Skin, it can only be obtained during the Zodiac Period too. This skin has 12 Zodiac Skins and is a very cool Zodiac Squad.

The following is the order of the Zodiac Mobile Legends (ML) hero skins that you should know in Mobile Legends:

1. Sagitarius – Irithel

Many players used to think that this Zodiac Skin in Mobile Legends would be owned by Hylos, because the Zodiac symbol is a human being in the body of a horse. However, in the end the hero chosen to get the Skin was Irithel.

Indeed, beyond our expectations, of course, but indeed Irithel is not much different from the Zodiac Mobile Legends Skin Symbol.

2. Capricon – Martis

Martis’s Zodiac skin has a very prominent characteristic, namely 2 Big Horns on his head. The effect of this Zodiac Skin is also not inferior to Irithel’s and is one of the best-selling Zodiac Skins.

3. Aquarius – Aurora

In the past, there were many issues that the one who would get the Zodiac Mobile Legends Aquarius Skin was Kadita. This is reinforced by its characteristic, namely water. But it turns out that all of that is wrong, the hero who gets the Zodiac Skin is Aurora.

4. Pisces – Lancelot

After waiting for a long time for news at that time, finally a bright spot appeared on who will get the Pisces Zodiac Skin.

The hero who owns this skin is Lancelot, it is suitable if Lancelot gets the Zodiac Skin, especially his partner also gets the Skin.

5. Aries – Hilda Skin

The Aries Zodiac has characteristics with sheep, so finally Moonton gave the Zodiac Aries Skin to Hilda. Even so, unfortunately this skin is rarely in demand because the ML Hero is also almost rarely used.

6. Taurus – Minotaur Skin Zodiac

Actually this Taurus Skin was previously released by Moonton as a Season 4 gift skin, but finally it has been renamed to Skin Orbiter. This Taurus zodiac sign matches the Minotaur’s equally bull appearance.

7. Gemini – Selena dan Karina

Both of these Zodiac ML Skins appeared at the same time. Zodiac Gemini Halo are the Zodiac twins. Gemini Shadow is the Zodiac ML Skin from the hero Selena and for Gemini Halo it is owned by Karina. For the Gemini Halo skin at that time, it was sold at a price of 899 Diamond, while the Gemini Shadow was through the Zodiac Spin.

8. Cancer – Zhask

Actually, this skin has a crab symbol and as we all know the hero who has a claw in the Mobile Legends game is Bane. But all of that is not in accordance with reality, it turns out that the one who gets this Zodiac Cancer Skin is Zhask.

9. Leo – Badang

When the spoilers regarding the Leo Skin were circulating, many players had full hopes that Roger would become the owner of the Leo Skin. But as usual all that doesn’t come true, the real owner of the Leo Skin is Badang. But this skin is no less cool than other Zodiac skins.

10. Virgo – Odette

The pair of Hero Lancelot also get a very beautiful Zodiac Skin, Odette finally has the right to get the Zodiac Skin Mobile Legends Virgo.

Of course, Lancelot and Odette are even closer, because they are a couple who have a Special Skin Couple and now a Zodiac Couple too.

11. Libra – Lunox

Libra is a Zodiac that symbolizes a balance. In this Mobile Legends game there is also a hero who has the ability to balance the elements of Light and Darkness, this hero is Lunox. We can also see the balance of Light and Darkness behind Lunox’s body.

12. Scorpion – Helcurt

It is predictable who will get this Zodiac ML Skin. The only hero who has the Kalajengkin form in the Mobile Legends game is Helcurt. It was very fitting that the Zodiac Scorpion appeared, finally Helcurt became one of the owners of the Zodiac Skin in the Mobile Legends game.

Those are some of the Zodiac Skins that you need to know in Mobile Legends. If you miss, get the Zodiac Mobile Legends Skin. So the opportunity to get it is to wait another year. Keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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