Mobile Legends Patch Update: Nerf ML Roam Item, up to the release of Hero Popol And Kufa


In addition to the release of the Heroes Popol and Kupa, there is more interesting information that have to be discussed this time. In this 16th season, there is a strategy called “Hyper Carry.” Each item is very dependable to this strategy, which is the Item Roam is the requirement of the Hyper Carry strategy. However, it turns out the Roam Item gets a Nerf on the patch this time.

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Mobile Legends Update Patch Note 1.4.70

In the latest update of Mobile Legends, there are a few points that will be discussed this time, ranging from the release of new marksman Heroes Popol and Kufa, Item Roam affected by Nerf and an interesting event titled Popol and Kufa.

Reduce Item Roam

Roam items on the latest update, you can only get + 20 Gold in every 4 seconds, and get 35 Exp every 4 seconds.

Nerf this time looks like the Item Roam can only be used by Tank and Support users only, the competition you will be quite difficult to raise levels and gold when using this Item one.

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New Hero Marksman Popol and Kufa

Well finally now release . Popol and Kufa you can play by buying it for 32,000 BP on the Original Server. Ready to fight in Land of Dawn using the latest hero this time? But as already , this hero will become a Banned subscription on Ranked Match.

Buff Bounty Hunter Emblem

The Most interesting thing on this update is the buff Custom Emblem Assassin, which you can get 40% Gold after killing enemies. It looks like this talent will be more and more used on the new meta Mobile Legends.

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New Pre-Invite Mobile Legends Features

Well the latest feature of this one is quite useful for those of you who play the team on Mobile Legends. Because using the feature, friend you guys can be able to identify friends who are in the game, so it can directly join the Lobby quickly after the match ends.

New Commander Magic Chess Mobile Legends

Magic Chess Apparently the presence of the new Commander who Bernam Benny, Commander of this one has a character like white tigers are similar as in the series Kungfu Panda.

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Event 515 Party

At this event you will get various interesting prizes that must be awaited. Because in this event you can get the latest hero Luo Yi for free on 16 May.

The event itself lasts for a full month. It will be logged in with various interesting prizes that you can get.