Payload 2.0 Mode Available On PUBG Mobile

As we all know that some of the features of PUBG Mobile are often downgraded to PUBG Mobile Lite. the maps in pubg mobile lite inspired by pubg mobile maps.



Payload 2.0 mode was presented at PUBG Mobile in early October with a variety of sophisticated equipment. It turns out that Payload 2.0 mode is also available on PUBG Mobile Lite which was just released a few days ago and here is information about this barbaric mode in PUBG Mobile Lite.

PUBG Mobile Lite is a battle royale game derived from PUBG Mobile. As a lighter game, PUBG Mobile Lite offers a simpler style of play than PUBG Mobile. Like a smaller map and also technical matters in the form of simpler graphic quality.

That makes this light version of PUBG Mobile playable on smartphones with lower specifications. Apart from these differences, PUBG Mobile Lite still provides the same challenging experience.



Payload 2.0 Mode Available On PUBG Mobile Lite

As we know that some of the features of PUBG Mobile are often downgraded to PUBG Mobile Lite. The maps provided in PUBG Mobile Lite are inspired by the PUBG Mobile maps. Well this time in the 0.20.0 version update, PUBG Mobile Lite will present a Payload 2.0 mode which is also derived from PUBG Mobile.

Previously, Payload 2.0 mode was present at PUBG Mobile at the beginning of October. This means that it is still in the last season, namely Season 15 Beyond ACE. At that time the enthusiasm of the players was big enough to be able to play this barbaric game mode.

Even though after that PUBG Mobile entered the Halloween season by presenting the Infection mode, Payload 2.0 mode was still played frequently. This season, when Metro Royale is here, Payload 2.0 mode is still being maintained in the PUBG Mobile game. It’s just that the availability schedule is changed to every weekend.

Well this time PUBG Mobile Lite also presents Payload 2.0 mode in the game. To be precise, the version 0.20.0 update. This latest version has the theme of Winter or winter. Later players can find massive changes in the PUBG Mobile Lite game.


PUBG Mobile Lite 2.0 Payload Mode Features

As we know that in Payload 2.0 mode on PUBG Mobile, a variety of weapons and sophisticated equipment are provided that make the game even more barbaric. We can also find this in PUBG Mobile Lite’s Payload 2.0 mode.

Later we will find a variety of sophisticated and dangerous combat equipment. Including vehicles equipped with weapons. For example, a Buggy vehicle which is an amphibious vehicle. Players can use them both on land and in water.


Buggies and other vehicles are equipped with weaponry that players can use. For example UAZ which is equipped with a machine gun, flamethrower, and rocket launcher. Including the presence of a helicopter equipped with weaponry. Thank you!

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