Price of Skin Esmeralda Poison Vine Elite Mobile Legends (ML)


Mobile Legends has released lots of cool new updates for you to try. Then there is an Esmeralda Poison Vine Elite Mobile Legends (ML) Skin Price, you can find out immediately in advance. Only later when they have seen the Esmeralda Poison Vine Skin, players can immediately buy it with the existing preparations.

Especially for several events that have appeared in the Mobile Legends game this time, making us even more excited to play it. Especially with some of the latest events and cool things that we can immediately use immediately while competing later.

Then there are some of the Best Elite Skins in Mobile Legends which do look different, making players interested in collecting them later. Because indeed with this skin, our appearance will be more visible in battle and it will be even cooler to win.

Especially with the presence of Esmeralda Poison Vine Mobile Legends (ML) Skin Prices, you can become more aware of things like this. So that we become more familiar with all of that and are interested in buying it when we return to the game.

Price of Skin Esmeralda Poison Vine Elite Mobile Legends (ML)

The Esmeralda Poison Vine skin has a price of IDR 150,000 or 599 Diamonds which you need to use if you want to buy it later in the game. Because this is also included as a Skin that is classified as Limited, but you can return to the Shop at that price for us to have.

Esmeralda’s appearance as a user of poisonous plants is quite cool, this is indeed the best skin in a match. Making it will give poison to opponents who are hit by some of the attack skills that Esmeralda gives.

After knowing the price of the Esmeralda Poison Vine Elite ML Skin, those of you who are interested might like this one. A cool Skin for players to use when competing later, gives something really good from here.

Then take a look at some of the Best Esmeralda Skins in Mobile Legends , so it will be interesting to collect them all too. Because Esmeralda really has a cool appearance and also has a good impression of wearing her skin.