Price of Sparkle Melissa Skin Mobile Legends (ML)

Mobile Legends is really exciting for some of the newest updates in the game. For example, this time you can find out about the Price of Sparkle Melissa Mobile Legends (ML) Skin. From this explanation, you can understand what the explanation is like.

When playing the Mobile Legends game, it will become even more exciting for players to do. With several new updates for the patch notes in the game. This is certainly even more exciting for you to try.

What’s interesting is that you can also see some of the skins that appear in the game. Because with this, players might wonder what it looks like or how to get it.

For those of you who want to know what a more detailed explanation looks like, you can look at the article later, but there is also an explanation that might be interesting for you to know regarding Squad Names in Mobile Legends . 

Who knows, with this explanation you might be able to understand it and you might be able to try it. One of the squad names that can be taken is of course a reference in the game this time.

In this article we will provide the price of the Sparkle Melissa skin for this MLBB game. Of course, with this you can find out what it is like. With this, you can also find out this time.

Price of Sparkle Melissa Skin Mobile Legends (ML)

The Sparkle Melissa skin has prices starting from 349 diamonds this time. This skin is indeed the skin for the ALLSTAR event later in the Mobile Legends game in 2024 which is currently available.

Later, players can get this skin from the Sparkle Melissa Pass event which is divided into three, namely Free Pass, Basic Pass and Premium Pass. Each has certain prizes that players can get.

The event, which will take place on March 16 2024, can of course be attended. Especially for those of you who are users of the Marksman hero, this time you can try buying the skin to use as a collection this time.

At the ALLSTAR 2024 event this time, it’s not just the hero Melissa who will get the skin series. But there are several other heroes who will also get this skin, such as Esmeralda, Fredrinn, Estes and also Vexana.

Indeed, the event that occurs every year in the Mobile Legends game this time is very interesting to take part in because it has various prizes or interesting skins to have.

Apart from that, there is also a Diamond Promo which players can take advantage of to buy skins at a much bigger discount, of course because you can buy it for just 1 diamond.

You, the players of the game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, can find out information about the price of the Melissa Sparkle skin in the game this time.

Of course, with this explanation, this time we also discuss the price for the Melissa Sparkle skin in the MLBB game, so you can check this time, of course.

Regarding this explanation, hopefully you will be able to find out what the explanation is like and with this explanation you will also be able to understand it. What do you think about the explanation this time?