When will the Harley S32 Skin be released in Mobile Legends (ML)?

For the Mobile Legends game, there will definitely be lots of new things for you to try. For example, with an explanation, when will the Harley S32 skin be released in Mobile Legends (ML)? Regarding this, you can find out what it is like.

For players who play this game quite often, they will definitely agree that the Mobile Legends game is getting more and more interesting. Especially with the content updates in the game.

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In this article we will provide an explanation of when the Harley S32 Skin will be released in the MLBB game. For this, later you will be able to find out directly what the release in this game will be like.

That way, you can just scroll below to find out what the explanation is like. For this reason, you can also find out when it will be released in the game.

When will the Harley S32 Skin be released in Mobile Legends (ML)?

The Harley S32 skin itself will be released on March 16 2024. The skin for the Mage hero will indeed be the First Purchase skin for season 32 in the Mobile Legends game this time.

The First Purchase skin is indeed present in the MLBB game itself at the start of the newest season in the game. Players can also get this skin at a price that is cheap enough to own.

Although it is true that skins that have the elite type only get changes in appearance and color effects. But for those of you who are users of the Harley hero, you don’t want to miss out on getting this skin.

How do you players of the MLBB game explain when the Harley S32 skin will be available in the game? Of course, you can find out the information this time and can record the schedule.

That’s a little explanation about when the Harley S32 skin will be available in the MLBB game, so you can try to find out. Regarding this explanation, you can also find out this time and what do you think of the explanation?