price of the Kagura Flower Season Normal Mobile Legends (ML) skin


Mobile Legends has released lots of the latest updates which are really cool for us to know. Together with the price of the Kagura Flower Season Normal Mobile Legends (ML) skin, you will be able to prepare to be able to have this prize. It turns out to be easy, as well as a position that will make you know this immediately.

Moreover, by having various types of events that we can play at this time, it will certainly provide prizes and something new for the players. So that you will accept the challenge and have a good game for us to feel too.

Understanding what the existing Mobile Legends Player Rank Order looks like , of course, can be a big influence for you to use in the game. Because indeed the increase in Skill will occur every time you compete in Rank, of course you have to pay attention to this ranking.

Then seeing what the price for the Kagura Flower Season Mobile Legends (ML) skin is, you will quickly find out all of these processes easily. Especially for the Kagura Skin which can look cool, it is a choice that we really have to collect too.

price of the Kagura Flower Season Normal Mobile Legends (ML) skin

The Kagura Flower Reason skin has a price of IDR 100,100 or 269 Diamonds which we will indeed find directly in the game. Bearing in mind that from Skin Flower Reason itself is a Normal Type which we can indeed find on this hero later.

Harga Skin Kagura Flower Season Normal Mobile Legends (ML)

But remember that we can still get this skin through in-game features, so it can be considered a free gift if you want to have it right away. That’s why you can buy this Kagura Skin or not, it really depends on the player himself.

After knowing the price of the Normal ML Kagura Flower Season Skin, you don’t need to be confused anymore to have it right away knowing this. Looking at the total price, it is also relatively cheap, different from other Kagura skins too.