Price Skin Collector Granger Agent Z Mobile Legends


This is the price for one of Granger Agent Z’s collector hero skins in Mobile Legends. As you know, Mobile Legends has a new caste skin, namely the Collector, this skin is quite expensive in Mobile Legends.

One interesting skin collector belongs to the hero Granger named Agent Z, this skin has a super cool appearance with space and video game themes, you can find out about the price here.

The following Esportsku will provide information about the price of the Collector hero Granger Agent Z skin in Mobile Legends. At the same time, you can also get this cool skin in the following way.

Price Skin Collector Granger Agent Z Mobile Legends

Harga Skin Collector Granger Agent Z Mobile Legends (ML)

The price for Collector skins in Mobile Legends is around 5000-6000 diamonds, this price is equivalent to IDR 1.2 million – 1.5 million. Certainly not a cheap price for some circles.

It’s too late to get the Granger Agent Z skin, this skin was presented in September 2020 where you can get it through the Epic Showcase event.

But you can still get it through the Grand Collection event, which is a new event to replace the Epic Showcase. In this event, Moonton usually presents around 3 skills that you can choose from.

Apart from the main skin prizes in the form of monthly exclusive skins, you can also choose skin prizes that have passed. But you have to give up exclusive skins for Collectors that month.

Don’t worry, every month this Grand Collector Event is always present, and you can choose quite a lot of skins that can be obtained, with the total diamonds mentioned above, you can get Collector, Special, Elite and Normal skins.

Not only that, this Grand Collection Event has quite a lot of additional prizes that you can get so that the price you pay is equivalent to what you get.

Currently, Granger himself is a fairly meta hero, his abilities as a core and sidelaner make Granger highly popular and often played by Mobile Legends gamers.

Not only that, sometimes Granger is often banned by players because this one hero has high potential. So that many players at the same time want to get the coolest skin, namely the Collector Agent Z skin.

Because at prices like this, together with Skin Effects, we can really make better use of it. Of course it is in accordance with what players will also receive when using the Skin prize too.

So that’s all for the review regarding the price of the collector hero Granger’s skin named Agent Z in Mobile Legends. For those of you who want to get this skin, make sure to collect lots of diamonds and wait for the skin to appear in the Grand Collection event. Hopefully useful and see you soon!