Pricing for the Moon Princess Bundle Epic Free Fire (FF)


Free Fire has released a lot of the latest updates which are very diverse so you can try to find out so easily. Together with the arrival of the Moon Princess Epic Free Fire (FF) Bundle, players can immediately find out about all of this now. So that way we will know that the Free Fire Moon Princess initially entered the Event but is going to the Shop.

There are many updates that have also appeared in the Free Fire game itself, make sure you don’t miss any of them now. The game is fun and can give us good prizes from here, can bring something good to make you fight well.

Moreover, to use the FF Cool Name for us to use, it looks good and you can try it right away. Especially that way you will also become more familiar with this, so that your name will become more popular in the face of enemies.

Then there is also an Epic Free Fire (FF) Moon Princess Bundle Price, players can find out about it soon too. Making players know about this, makes you know more and more about it right now.

Pricing for the Moon Princess Bundle Epic Free Fire (FF)

The Putri Rembulan Bundle has a price of IDR 150,100 or 1000 Diamonds that Free Fire players can spend to get this prize. Because this Bundle will also be included in the Shop, so we can immediately use it in a match to make it even stronger.

Pricing for the Moon Princess Bundle Epic Free Fire (FF)

Having the Princess of the Moon Bundle prize that you all know about, makes us even more ready to be able to have the gift now. So in that way having the Moon Princess herself is a Free Fire player who is already and is also interested in owning this prize.

After we know the price of the Free Fire (FF) Moon Princess Bundle, players will know more about all of this soon. Surely you will know more about this, so you have the opportunity to get a prize like that now.

So in this way there is also the Best Free Fire (FF) Bundle for you to see, so that way it will make you familiar with it. It becomes even more exciting and you can use it right away, it will feel exciting and you can immediately know about it.