Project NEXT 2024 Mobile Legends (ML), Release Schedule, New Items & Heroes!

Mobile Legends has many interesting things that you can try later. For example, below you can see about Project NEXT 2024 Mobile Legends (ML) Release Schedule, New Items & Heroes! That way you can understand what it will be like.

Indeed, for the update of the Mobile Legends game itself, many new contents have been released that make the game more interesting. Related to this, of course, there are also more changes in the game today.

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In this discussion, you can see what the discussion about Project NEXT 2024 is like in the MLBB game. So that later you can better understand what the discussion is like.

Project NEXT 2024 Mobile Legends (ML)

For the patch note update 1.8.92 which is part of Project NEXT will be released later starting on July 19, 2024. Where later there will be a lot of interesting content that can be played by players.

Indeed, there is some new content that players can try later. As with several items and heroes, below you can also find out what the details will be like for this.

New Items

Later from the update for Project NEXT there will be 3 new items that can be obtained by players and can be used of course. Here are the new items that you can find out later:

  • Sky Piercer: Elimination Item for Opponent Hero if Below 5% HP.
  • Pandora’s Box: Additional True Damage Item for Every Attack.
  • Malefic Gun: Item Penambah Range Basic Attack Hero

In addition to the three new items, there are also several other item changes such as the Glowing Wand, Queen’s Wing, Thunder Belt, Bloodlust Axe and the like later.

New Hero

Then later in this update there will also be a new hero, namely Zhuxin. Where this hero will have a mage role which is quite interesting because it has a skill area effect for you to try playing later.

Apart from that, there are also several changes for Cadia Riverland heroes such as Ling, Yu Zhong, Yin and the like. So this update will definitely make more contemporary changes to the game.

That’s the information that can be found this time from the players for the MLBB game regarding several Project NEXT 2024 updates. So that later you will be able to get it and you can immediately find out the latest information.

That’s also the discussion about Project NEXT 2024 in the MLBB game for you to know. Of course, that way you can understand and what do you think about the discussion?