Event Journey Of Valor Mobile Legends (ML), Prizes & How to Obtain!

Mobile Legends will always present many interesting updates for its players. Like this time, you can find out about the Journey of Valor Mobile Legends (ML) event, prizes & how to get them! Of course you can find out about this.

Those of you who often play the Mobile Legends game yourself certainly understand that this game will be exciting if you get the latest update. Because from this update, players will be able to try new things that are not yet in the game.

You can see a more detailed discussion in the article below, but before that, you can also find out about the discussion about Squad Names in Mobile Legends this time. 

This time you can find out the discussion regarding the Journey of Valor Event which will be later in the MLBB game. You can see the discussion later in the article below for more details.

Event Journey of Valor Mobile Legends (ML)

The newest event, namely Journey of Valor, will be released in the game on June 19 2024. So that later players can get attractive prizes at this event, of course.

The prize itself is quite interesting to have because there are several skins that you can try to get. Below you can find out what the details are like so that later you can try to get it.

Prizes Event Journey of Valor

Regarding the main prize in the event, players can get skins. Where you can choose one of the 10 Special skins as follows:

  • Kimmy “Charge Leader”
  • Hylos “Phantom Seer”
  • Tigreal “Gold Baron”
  • Baxia “Ba-tender”
  • Jawhead “The Nutcracker”
  • Zhask “Extraterrestrial”
  • Chou “Furious Tiger”
  • Chang’e “Floral Elf”
  • Estes “Crow Bishop”
  • Hanzo “Insidious Tutor”

Apart from being able to choose one of these skins, you can also get other prizes later, such as choosing a hero or fragment later.

How to Get Prizes

Login Game

You can try to log in to the MLBB game later according to the schedule of the event which will be released of course.

Buka Event Journey of Valor

Later, after you have logged into the game, you can immediately open the Journey of Valor event. So you can know what missions to do.

Complete the Mission

Then you can complete the mission required to collect tokens and later you can claim the prize at the event.

Prize Already Owned

After you have completed the required mission, you can immediately claim the prize. You can choose which prize you want.

From this information, this time you can find out about MLBB players about the Journey of Valor event in the game. Of course, that way you can understand and you can try it.

That’s how we have explained about what the Journey of Valor event is like in the MLBB game this time. Hopefully with this explanation you can understand and how about the discussion this time?