Punishment Of Toxic And AFK Mobile LOL Players In Wild Rift

There is Toxic Penalty for LoL Mobile Toxic and AFK players in Wild Rift and afk layers are very bad players and this is punishment .


Here we discuss about LoL Mobile Toxic and AFK Player Penalties in the Wild Rift. Wild Rift has rules that you must obey when playing. You may not cooperate with enemy teams, do afk, or troll while playing. This can be annoying to other players and many players are uneasy about the action. Therefore, those of you who do toxic or afk will get a pretty heavy punishment.

Toxic and AFK Layers are not very good players. These players can spoil the fun of playing, and must be reported in order to be rewarded. Toxic players can usually make the player’s mood down. It is the same with AFK players who make the team in trouble because of the lack of players when fighting the enemy. An effective way to fight players like this is to do reports.

It turns out that the wild rift has strict rules regarding players who commit toxic and afk in the wild rift. With this rule, you can avoid toxic players, and afk or toxic players will get a pretty harsh punishment. Therefore, you should not be toxic in order to avoid the wild rift punishment.

Here we will provide information about Toxic and AFK Player Penalties in the Wild Rift. If you don’t want to be subjected to this punishment, it’s better if you don’t get toxic or afk when playing the wild rift.


Punishment for toxic and AFK in wild rift players

AFK and toxic are players that should be avoided. Those of you who are toxic don’t feel guilty when you do it, but your team will be overwhelmed when you play later. Leaving the team by afk or disturbing the team while playing, is a very bad action.

There are many ways you can fight against a player like this, such as reporting. That way, this player will get a punishment that makes them deterrent for what he does.



By being toxic, such as saying bad things or things that smell like SARA, chat will detect it and give you punishment. A toxic player like this won’t be able to use chat for a long time. Usually you can’t use chat for the next 2 days.



For players who do afk, you can’t play the wild rift for a while. The amount of time you can’t play the wild rift is as much time as you do afk. After that, when you want to do matchmaking, you will be in the lowest position as a player who is not prioritized to play. So, basically, it will take longer for you to match.


That’s a little info about Toxic and AFK Player Penalties in Wild Rift, that you should know. Indeed, it is better if you do not become afk or toxic. Because, you will disturb your own team or other teams. Players like this really interfere with the game.

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