Revamp Minotaur Mobile Legends (ML)

On this occasion, Esportsku will review the latest Minataur Revamp information which will be present at Mobile Legends Project Next Phase 2.


The Minotaur Revamp is said to be present in the latest update of Project Next Phase 2 which will be released this year. Now regarding the appearance of this one revamp hero has also been circulating. We will provide a new look at this one revamp hero. On this occasion, Esportsku will review the latest Minataur Revamp information which will be present at Mobile Legends Project Next Phase 2.

After previously there were several heroes who got the latest revamp, namely Franco, Hayabusa and also Alpha heroes. We will also have a Minotaur tank hero who gets his latest revamp. This latest revamp will be released together with the three previous revamp heroes.

Revamp Minotaur Mobile Legends

The latest appearance of the Minotaur Revamp looks even more badass with a face that is quite spooky than before. Of course, not only revamp is presented, Moonton also often gives various buffs to the hero later.

The Minotaur Revamp has a more realistic hammer gun with a burning fire effect on the hammer. Unlike the previous one which had the hammer in the same two directions without any effect.

Then what’s different is that the Minotaur Revamp armor is now increasingly solid and also has very sharp horns. Do not forget there is a fire or lava effect on the armor which gives a badass impression to the new Minotaur changes.

Revamp Minotaur Mobile Legends

Part of the hair may only be on a different crest. Before the revamp, the Minotaur’s crest looked shorter and the Minotaur Revamp now looks very big and sticks upwards.

The Minotaur’s facial expression also looks cooler than before by showing a serious and ambitious face. This one hero is indeed more suited to this face than his initial face which looks quite funny.

Apart from the few points above, there are no other significant changes, it’s just that maybe the color of this hero looks darker and brighter. Hopefully, Moonton will also have new effects or skills on this Minotaur Revamp later.

Regarding the presence of the Minotaur Revamp, unfortunately, there is still no definite news. Moonton at this time only provides a leak regarding the appearance. Therefore, there is very little information about the latest Minotaur revamp on Mobile Legends.

What do you think about the presence of Minotaur Revamp in Mobile Legends? Hopefully later it can make the Minotaur hero back into a meta hero that is widely played. Because this one hero is also an underrated hero in Mobile Legends.

That’s all about the latest Minotaur Revamp information that is present in Mobile Legends. Hopefully, the presence of the revamp can bring back the glory of the Minotaur in the Land of Dawn. Don’t forget to keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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