Strengths and Weaknesses of Gloo Mobile Legends (ML)

For those of you who are curious. Here Esportsku summarizes some of the strengths and weaknesses of the hero Gloo in our version of the Mobile Legends game. Now for those of you who can't wait to play the hero Gloo, see the following explanation.


Gloo is a hero that will be released this April, you certainly can’t wait to wait for the release of the Gloo hero in Mobile Legends. So while waiting for release, it would be nice for you to know the strengths and weaknesses of Gloo Mobile Legends. For those of you who are curious. Here Esportsku summarizes some of the strengths and weaknesses of the hero Gloo in our version of the Mobile Legends game. Now for those of you who can’t wait to play the hero Gloo, see the following explanation.

Gloo is the newest tank hero in Mobile Legends. It has the appearance of a slime monster which is dark purple in color. Playing the hero Gloo looks simple, but it still has several advantages and disadvantages.

Each hero has its own strengths and weaknesses. Especially for Gloo heroes, we will convey it below.

The Strengths of Gloo Mobile Legends

Tank Hero With Great Magic Damage

First, the strength of the Gloo hero lies in its great magic damage ability. Although Gloo’s main attack is Physical Damage, for the damage from each Gloo skill is Magic Damage.

For example, Gloo’s first skill (Slam, Slam) will deal 560 damage, and Go around 420 Magic Damage. Then for the second Gloo skill, (Pass, Pass) will deal 510 Magic Damage to the opponent and the ultimate Gloo (Split, Split) will also cause 100 Magic Damage to each opponent who is hit by Go.

Note: Go is a small slime from Gloo

Good Immobilization Ability

Then the second advantage is the excellent Immobilize ability. You could say this is the CC ability of Gloo, but the Immobilize effect is short so it will lose like Stunt or Suppressed.

However, the ability of Gloo’s Immobilze hero is quite a lot, Gloo’s first skill (Slam, Slam) will give around Immobilize 1 second with a short CD, besides that for the second skill Gloo (Pass, Pass) will give an immobilize effect for 0.5 seconds.

Has High Regen Ability

Third, the strength of the hero Gloo lies in Regen’s high ability. We tried to hero Gloo without using any items. The regen effect of Gloo is strong enough to restore HP when team fight.

Regen’s ability is contained in the passive Gloo (Stick, Stick) skill, which will give the opponent a stack, and if the opponent is attacked with a basic Gloo attack, the Gloo will get 92 HP regen which will be stacked up to 5 times.

Become a Tough Hero Counter

Gloo is a tanker hero who will be a great fighter like Jawhead and Chou. The counter ability of the hero Gloo is the best of other tanker heroes. Gloo will be very easy to target an opponent’s hero and counter him.

This is thanks to Gloo’s ultimate skill called (Split, Split) this ultimate ability allows Gloo to turn into 12 Go which can inflict damage on the opponent and target the opponent, by pressing it twice by moving the opponent’s hero, Gloo will enter the opponent’s body and attack him. up close.

Has Good Mobility

The advantage of the last Gloo is that the mobility of the Gloo is very good. This mobility ability is obtained from each of Gloo’s skills. For example, for the first skill and second skill, if combined, it will have a pull effect on the opponent and make it move quickly.

In addition, mobility can also be obtained from the ultimate hero Gloo (Split, Split) which can make Gloo turn into Go (small version of Gloo) and move quickly, in Go mode, Gloo cannot be attacked by opponents.

Weaknesses of Gloo Mobile Legends

Low CC Capability

Continuing to camp, Gloo’s first weakness in Mobile Legends is its very low CC ability, in contrast to other tanker heroes like Tigreal or Franco who rely heavily on CC, Gloo seems to focus on Magic Damage.

There are two effects of CC Gloo, first on passive skills, namely (Split, Split) which gives slow 8% to the opponent who survives 6 seconds, and then is the immobilize obtained from skill 1 and skill 2. However, the effect given is fairly short and also the effect. slow which is quite weak.

Complicated Skill Combinations

Next, the weakness of Gloo lies in the combination of skills which are quite complicated, the combination of Gloo itself is arguably quite simple, you can do a combination of the first skill attack and the second skill.

The first Gloo skill will attack the opponent in front of him, this skill will release a Go unit behind the opponent, then use the second Gloo skill (Pass, Pass) which can attack the opponent towards the front, if there is Go in front, then a different effect occurs, Gloo will push the opponent towards Go. Unfortunately this combo is quite complicated for beginners.

Do not Have Initiation Ability

Next, Gloo does not have good initiation skills like some other tanker heroes. For example, the Khufra hero who attacks the opponent and gives a CC effect, then Tigreal who stuns all his opponents and pulls them in one point.

Unfortunately, this is not given to Gloo, where Gloo only has his ultimate attack that can lock in only one opponent’s hero. Therefore, Gloo will be very difficult to open war.

Not a Pure Tanker

The next weakness of Gloo is that it is not a pure tanker hero. As you know, Gloo has the advantage of great Magic Damage, you can use this as a sidelaner or offlaner.

However, to make Gloo a pure tanker hero, this is quite ineffective. Even if Gloo uses build magic damage, the resulting damage will be even greater. He can also become an assassin hero who can lock one core hero of his opponent.

Easy On Counter Opponents

Finally, Gloo is fairly easy to counter, for example, for the ultimate Gloo attack it can be countered by moving away from the Gloo area, you can use flicker or teleport if the hero is Luo Yi or Angela.

By staying away from the Gloo area, then you will survive the Gloo attack. In addition, to cancel the attack, you can avoid the opponent’s hero tanker to be safe from Gloo attacks.

So that’s it for a review of the strengths and weaknesses of Gloo in the Mobile Legends game. To look forward to the release of the hero Gloo on the Original server later. You at least understand about the Gloo hero by reading the review above. Keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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