The 10 Most Annoying Types of Players in Mobile Legends (ML)

So, for those of you who are curious, here's Esportsku to summarize the most annoying types of players in Mobile Legends. You can see the following.


Mobile Legends is one of the most popular games to play, so many players have the most annoying types of players in Mobile Legends. Curious about anything? So, for those of you who are curious, here’s Esportsku to summarize the most annoying types of players in Mobile Legends. You can see the following.

Especially when playing solo ranked, you will find various types of different players, and maybe from the many players there are several types of players who are annoying and annoying.

Here are some of the most annoying types of players that you may have encountered in the Mobile Legends game. Check out the following review!

The Trashtalker / Toxic

The first type of player is the butcher. This type of player is the thing you most often encounter when playing Mobile Legends.

Whether it’s your teammates or playing randomly, of course you will often find players who talk a lot or use toxic abusive language in Mobile Legends.

Toxic players do not need to doubt that they are annoying and most annoying when they are on a team or opponent. Their rough style is their hallmark.

The Pro Wannabe

Next is the Pro wannabe or the pretentious player. Usually they talk arrogantly able to win the game easily.

The Pro wannabe are usually those who use assassin or marksman heroes, in which the team’s carry ability is indeed the one they hold.

Often sweet promises at the beginning of the match and even taking the opponent lightly, it is not entirely possible to win or lose. Of course, this master is annoying because of his arrogance.

User One Role Only

Next is one role only, usually they are the same hero and can’t use other heroes. It seems ordinary, but usually problems occur when draft picks.

Those who play with only one role usually can’t run smoothly when draft picks. When choosing a hero, they are usually selfish to just use that hero, even though the hero needed is another hero role.

As a result, the team composition is not optimal and the game will be nuts because of this.

The he only want all kill

The next type of player is he only want all kill, this player usually focuses on getting kills and not winning. Usually these players often play using marksman or assassin heroes.

The type of player who is often muddled is very annoying, especially when they often delay the match. This is what makes it so annoying.

Because of that, they only focus on the number of kills they get, and don’t care about any comebacks that the opponent might make.

AFK Player

Next is AFK Player, many of the players who often do AFK in Mobile Legends. This is what makes AFK players a annoying type of player.

When doing AFK in a match, they will automatically interfere with the composition of the team. This type of player is certainly very annoying and illegal.

Not only players, Moonton also continues to strive to create a game ecosystem for the absence of AFK players. For example, by giving penalties to players who do AFK.

Sultan Player

Next up is the Sultan Player. Is one of the players who often show off skins, recall effects, animation skills and others, generally Sultan players are mostly noobs and only show off skins.

However, not all noobs are also good at playing, what might be annoying is that some players might be jealous of the amount of art on display by Sultan Player.

Well maybe you often find many players who are often referred to as sultan players in Mobile Legends.

Fanny Player

There are some players who often play Fanny heroes, some of these players only pick Fanny heroes. Which may often be found in the Mobile Legends game.

Fanny Player sometimes plays good and sometimes noob, this is the most annoying thing about one type of Mobile Legends player.

If you are good at playing, you might make a good contribution, but if you are a Land Fan, it will be a burden for you who are a team in Mobile Legends.

The Organizer

Next is the Registrar, usually they have a higher rank, for example when you play with a team in which there are Epic and Legend players. The Legend players will manage the other team.

For example, person A uses this hero, person B must use that hero and so on, not only the selection of heroes. When the match starts each player will be arranged starting from the lane and so on.

Of course set up like that might be annoying and annoying for each player.

Bossy Player

Next is the Bossy player, which is one of the taunting behaviors in Mobile Legends.

These prints are usually done using a recall effect at a price that can be called expensive. These Bossy have the intention of making the opponent’s mental down.

So that the opponent will be provoked towards you and also so that the opponent is not so confident so that you can win the match.

The Shows Winrate

The last one is Kang Showing Winrate, this is often done when the draft pick takes place, the player not only displays good skin but also gives a winrate for each hero selection.

Usually, one hero is shown winrate, another hero is shown winrate again and so on until all their win rate heroes are displayed. So that’s all for a review of the most annoying type of player on Mobile legends. Which of the above types do you often encounter? Keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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