The Best Mobile Legends Fighter Hero this November

A Fighter can deal great damage especially if the fighter has Crowd Control attack, it will add strength to a fighter because in addition to making enemies interfered by the power of Crowd Control, you can also combine it with a very large damage.


Fighter hero is a pretty important hero in doing great damage to enemies using the tank role, in the Mobile Legends game there are various fighters that are pretty good to use in rank. Fighter is also quite important in war which can make a pretty big damage to enemies other than tanks. There is the best fighter in Mobile Legends this November that you can use in this meta season.


Table of Content

  1. XBorg
  2. Leomord
  3. Masha
  4. Chou
  5. Alucard


A Fighter can deal great damage especially if the fighter has Crowd Control attack. It will add strength to a fighter because in addition to making enemies interfered by the power of Crowd Control. You can also combine it with a very large damage.

In our explanation this time, we will provide some information about fighters that you should try this November. The fighters are the heroes that are often used in Epic Rank and above.


XBorgHero Winrate Tertinggi Mobile Legends Untuk Ranked ML!

Who doesn’t know one of these fighters? XBorg is a fighter hero with unnatural damage. Even though the enemy has a high level of defense and HP, it will not do anything if it is dealing with XBorg.

When attacking the enemy XBorg will give a stack that will be seen next to the enemy’s body. If the stack given by XBorg is full, each skill launched against the enemy will deal true damage and be able to ignore the enemy’s defenses and HP.


LeomordCara Stabilkan Ping Mobile Legends

This hero is a loyal force of the Dark Queen of Vexana, namely Leomord. This hero has strength and defense that is strong enough when he is using his ultimate attack. When Leomord uses ultimate, he will summon his favorite horse and will fight while riding the horse.

Not only from the strength of his Ultimate, if the enemy HP has less than 40-30% then the attack Leomord will give becomes a large Critical Hit. Skills 1 and 2 while not riding are also very effective, Skill 1 will have a Slow effect and skill 2 is suitable for Blurring. If when using a Horse, Skill 1 will give a slow effect to the enemy and skill 2 to do the Dash while pushing the enemy in the direction you specify.


Mashatips bermain Hero Masha Mobile Legends

This new fighter hero has a uniqueness that is different from other fighters. In addition to having strong damage and attack speed, Masha also has 3 HP Bars that can make him barbaric than other fighters. Also, the damage done by Masha will increase using his first skill which can add damage and attack speed but will reduce his HP slowly.

When Masha loses one of her HP bars, on Masha’s 2nd HP she will get the ability to be immune from any effects for a few seconds and get a Life Steal. But if Masha’s HP Bar only one remaining, then Masha will receive a very large Attack Speed and Life Steal. In addition, you also have to be careful, because Masha is very weak when ganged by enemies.



This fighter who has Crowd Control on his ultimate and the first skill is indeed worthy of being included in the list of the best hero fighters. Chou is always used in the upper tier ranks such as Legend and Mythic.

This hero does have Crowd Control and this hero also has very painful damage if you do Build Fighter on this hero. This hero can be a powerful counter to Aldous who is already in the late game. It’s because Chou can make Aldous dying even though he already has really painful damage.


AlucardHero Fighter ML Terbaik Di Mobile Legends November Ini

The last best fighter is Alucard. Although this hero is often underestimate and has a nickname “feeder” by a teammate, Alucard has a more deadly force and becomes one of the fighters with a high level of Life Steal. Armed with his ultimate skill, Alucard will get an additional Life Steal effect and add damage that will be inflicted on Mark’s enemies.

Not only that, Alucard is one of the Fighter Hero Assassins who can be a threat to the Marksman. In addition, if Alucard is given a defense build such as Wings of Apocalypse, then there is no doubt that Alucard is becoming more barbaric.


Well, those are some of the Best Mobile Legends Fighter Heroes that you can try for push rank this November. The Hero Fighter is the best Hero this month too.

That’s all we can say, Thank you.