The Best Situation to Choose Support-Roam at ML

Mobile Legend’s Support-Roam Item


As role mobile legends tanker, support, or roamer you will be surely confronted with 3 item roaming option. That 3 item support-roam mobile legends are important because it causing fatality while using.

There is 3 roaming item or support that you can use here, start from the shadow, courage, and awe. It item surely has a time and situation when it suitable for us, so don’t buy this item carelessly because it’s only available at the guide and build the item.

As support roamer user, adaptation is an important key, and here we are giving explanations and recommendations to buy this item.


Mobile Legend’s Support-Roam Item


Shadow mask

Situasi Terbaik Memilih Item Support-Roam

Shadow mask is a support-roam that can be used as an active item. Shadow mask will give a conceal effect when activating, this effect can be felt by the user and area around it. This hero who has buff will disappear (even it’s not completely) and get another MVSPD extra. Attack or being attack will cancel this effect

This item is so important if tanker is using it and support who often goes around map and do gank. The reason this support-roam item is important enough because conceal will give effect to MVSPD. Furthermore, similar to Lesley’s S1, can be beneficial to avoid enemy attacks.

Shadow mask is very suitable for roamer who’s moving fast like Franco, Baxia, and Kaja.


Courage mask

Situasi Terbaik Memilih Item Support-Roam

Courage mask is one of the active items in the support area. This is the most commonly used item by some of the mobile legends players because of the universal and strong effect. The reason it has a strong effect is that it giving great scaling and high multiplier at late game.

It very suitable used by support who commonly inside teamfight. Because this item’s active effect will give movement speed hero and friend hero for 30%. Increasing physical & magic attack for 20% at 3 seconds. Powerful and highly thing for using at team fight or commonly.

It very powerful if given to support hero who always in the middle of teamfight like atlas. Hylos, or khufra. Or maybe, you can make this support-roam item as a hero roamer. 


Awe mask

Not like the other item before, awe mask is a passive support-roam item. It has a high and dangerous effect event it is a passive one. It is deadly at early and midgame if it used correctly. 

This item effect is when an enemy attack can give the user a signal. These signal will stay for 3 seconds. An enemy who’s getting the attack from the user and friends 5 times will get stun for 2 seconds directly. 2-second stun effect is so long and unbelievable.

This support-roam item is suitable and strong for used by gankers like Natalia, akai, and uranus.

That’s it explanation and trick to choose the best situation for choosing support-roam item at mobile legends. This 3 item is so important and strong if it used correctly.