The OB23 FF 2020 Update Date Is Released! New Free Fire

Players must know about the latest Free Fire OB23 Update Release Date with the presence of new characters and new map locations.


Free fire players this time must know the OB23 FF 2020 Release Date that you should know. If you are curious about the new FF update and want to try it first, you can try to register to follow when the Free Fire OB23 Update comes. Free Fire will be heading to the OB23 update which has many new things in it.

There are many things you can try in the new update on this OB23 FF 2020 Release Date. It seems, you can try the new characters that will be released on ff. In OB23, you can try out the character and see what skills it has.

Not only characters, it looks like Free Fire will also issue new weapons that will come out in the next update. Now, in this OB23 FF Update, you can try this first by registering on FF. Of course, you must have a good cellphone performance, and the frog is at least 2GB, you can follow this OB23.


The OB23 FF 2020 Update Date Is Released

So, the release date for the OB23 2020 Free Fire (FF) Update itself is here on 29 July 2020. With the OB23 FF update along with the latest elite pass 27 free fire which is soon to be released. It also coincided with the maintenance free fire in July 2020

there are many new things such as characters that will be coming in Free Fire, and new map locations in the youth.

Therefore, you might be able to prepare for the arrival of this OB23 free fire, and try to register so you can follow the new updates on the release date of this OB23 Free Fire update. The new character also has pretty good skills to use and the new location on the Bermuda map makes you even more curious

Even so, the update on the OB23 FF Update Release date is still under estimation and may change. However, the character and location of the map have spread on Free Fire’s own social media. Regarding the new hero, he also has strong (temporary) skills and you can try it at OB23. By following this, you can feel the new FF update first compared to other players.


Leaked Free Fire Character

The following are the leaks found on the OB23 FF 2020 Update Date. It seems that later we will have a new character in Free Fire and a new location in Maa Bermuda

This character is called Luqueta Free Fire, which you must have when you arrive at the original server after the OB23 Update Release Date. You also saw the luqueta free fire skill that we discussed in the previous post. By knowing these skills, you can play them well later.

Make sure you have the things you need when this new character is on the OB23 FF 2020 Release Date. For those of you who want to use this character immediately, you can download the advance free fire server which is currently in progress. You can use this character when the OB23 FF update date has been determined later.


That’s the leak regarding the Free Fire OB23 Update date if you want to follow it. If you are curious about the new update, maybe you should wait, because you still can’t register, but OB23 will be opened later in Free Fire.

If you want to see other updates from Free Fire, you have to wait for the OB23 FF 2020 Update Date and try to register. Maybe you can follow OB23 and try the new update first from other players. Also Follow Our Social Media on Instagram Esportsku!