Things to Avoid in Free Fire (FF) Squad Mode


Up to this moment, there are many amount of games available in android, and it gives us plenty of option on what to play in android. New updates in those games will surely increases the popularity of those games. If you want to play one of those awesome games, you can try downloading Free Fire. There are many game modes available in Free Fire. One of them is squad mode. Now we have some tips about things to avoid in Free Fire squad mode that you need to know.

Things to Avoid in Free Fire (FF) Squad Mode

Not Turning On Voice Chat

If you play with your friends in squad mode, make sure to turn on the voice chat. This can be really important, since voice chat will make you communicate easier with your friends.

So avoid turning off voice chat is a must in Free Fire squad mode. By using voice chat, you can communicate in various ways. Not only cooperate, you can also joke around to make the game more fun with your friends.

Not Sharing Weapon With Your Friends

In a team, there are some times when some team member has the same favorite weapon to use in the game. If one of you has find the weapon first, it’s better for the other member to step back and find other weapons to use in the game.

Which is why versatility is really important in the game. If you’re able to use any type of weapon, then you will give an advantage to the team.

Trap Your Friend in a Gloo Wall

This might be a fun joke to do, but it can also be annoying at the same time. Not only that you’re wasting your gloo wall, you can also risk your friend of getting killed. If you’re messing around like that and there’s an enemy coming towards your squad, it can be dangerous. The enemy can easily throw a grenade inside the gloo wall and kill your friend instantly.

Landing by Yourself

In Free Fire squad mode, make sure that you land together with your teammate. Either you play with your friends or a stranger, it’s still important to land together in the game. At least, you need to land in the same area. If you land by yourself, the enemy’s squad can easily surround you and kill you instantly in the early game.

Leaving Your Friend

This is often happen in squad mode. Where if there’s one team member that is knocked out, but his teammate leave him instead. This is a bad decision for any squad players in Free Fire. If an enemy knocks out your friend, make sure to cover fire to make your friend able to move to a safe place. After the situation is safe enough, you can save your friend. Don’t leave your friend with a vehicle. That is never a good decision to make.

And that’s some thing to avoid in Free Fire squad mode that you need to know. Make sure to follow esportsku on instagram for mroe tips to come!