What is High Level CC Effect Mobile Legends (ML)?


Mobile Legends,  of course, in this game presents some interesting things that can be tried. Like the following, you can also find out what is a high-level CC effect in Mobile Legends (ML)? of course with that you can see this time.

As fans of the Mobile Legends game know, there are lots of new updates that you can try later. It can be seen that some of these updates can bring changes in the game.

Of course, with this explanation, you can find out the explanation, but you can also see  the Hybrid Lifesteal Update, Change the Mobile Legends (ML) Meta?  this time. That way you can find out what it means.

In the following, there is an explanation for what is the high-level CC effect in the Mobile Legends game? With this, of course, you can find out this time in the article, see the following explanation for more detail below.

What is High Level CC Effect Mobile Legends (ML)?

The Mobile legends game itself, as you know, there are various interesting things that you can try. As with some of the CC effects this time where there is a high level Crowd Control effect which is usually only owned by a number of effects such as Petrify, Freeze, Airbone, Transform, Suppression where these effects only have certain heroes.

This effect will not affect some of the skills of the heroes in the Mobile legends game because they have a high level. So for heroes who have CC skill effects, it can be said to be a meta for now to be able to stop some of the opponent’s hero skills.

Unlike the case with disarm, root, immobilize, stun, silence and the like where some of these skills have low CC effects so there are some heroes who are immune to these effects. but this is different from the high-level CC effects which are only owned by certain heroes.

That’s an explanation of what high-level CC effects are in the Mobile legends game, you can find out this time. Of course, with this explanation you can find out and what do you think about this explanation this time for the high-level CC effect of the MLBB game this time?