What is Travel Boast


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What is Travel Boast

The Travel Boast app has become one of the most talked about apps on social media lately. The virality of this application is caused by several things, one of which is the video results that are considered beautiful and aesthetic. No wonder many have flocked to try using Travel Boast. What exactly is Travel Boast and how do I install and use it? Find the answer below!

Unveiling Travel Boast

Are you looking for a unique way to create beautiful travel videos? Look no further than the Travel Boast app! Recently, this app has taken social media by storm due to its stunning video results. Created by Aleksandr Kuznetsov, Travel Boast is an animated video creator that runs on iOS devices. It requires iOS 12.0 or higher and at least 169.7 MB of space to operate smoothly.

Travel Boast is available in 9 languages, including English, Korean, Russian, and Spanish, among others. The app has received high ratings, with 4.5 stars on the App Store. With Travel Boast, users can easily create unique travel videos and access a variety of features to enhance their footage. Download the Travel Boast app today and take your travel videos to the next level!

How To Install Travel Boast

For those who want to try this application, there are several installation steps that can be done. The following are the details for each step that must be performed by the user:

1. Sign in to the App Store

To download the application, the user must first log in to the App Store page. This application can not only be downloaded by iPhone users, but also iPad, iPod touch, and Mac users. When the page opens, type “Travel Boast” on the search page. Wait for the list of applications to appear.

2. Download the App

Have you found his name on the search page? Next, directly select Travel Boast to enter the app’s details page. Then select the “Install” button at the top of the App Store just below the icon of the application image to be installed. Next, enter the Apple ID password, then click “Sign in”, then the application will be automatically installed. Wait for the installation process to complete.

3. Create a Travel Boast Account

If the installation is complete, the user can go to the main page of the application. On the main page, the user will be prompted to sign in. If you don’t have an account, there is a registration feature that you can use to create a new account. Registration can be done with 2 options, using email or by using regular registration.

How to Make a Video with Travel Boast App

After the user has successfully logged in or registered and successfully logged into the application, it’s time to see how to make a video with this application. The steps to create a video with Travel Boast are explained further in the following article.

1. Enter Travel Point

To make a video, the first thing to do is to choose a point of travel. When first opening the Travel Boast app page, users are faced with a map display on the main page. At the top there are Start Point and Destination columns.

In the Start Point field, the user is prompted to enter the starting point of their journey. How to enter the start point of the journey by pressing the Start Point field and typing the start area where the journey begins. Once you have a starting point, then select the journey endpoint by typing the endpoint name in the Destination field.

2. Choose a Vehicle

There are many transportation options for users to choose from. Starting from ground transportation such as buses, cars to caravans to air transportation such as planes. Not only that, there is even an icon of sea transportation, namely ships. Select the transport to use in the video. Users can also choose the color of the transport after selecting the transport to be used.

If both the start and end points of the trip have been filled, then the user is then prompted to select the type of vehicle. How to insert a vehicle by pressing the vehicle icon image on the map. Press and hold until a transport options image appears.

There are actually many other vehicle options that users can choose from. However, this is specific to those who have enabled the premium transport option. For those who have enabled this option, there are more vehicle options, from walking, cycling, to riding horses.

3. Click Create Video

After selecting the vehicle used, then select the create video option. Do this by selecting the triangle icon at the bottom center of the app. When the button is pressed, an animated travel video will be automatically created. However, there are still some details of the video settings that need to be done before the video is finished.

4. Organize Videos

The create video button on the previous page will take the user to the video settings page. Here, there are several settings that users can make. One of them is to set the length of the video to the size of the transport icon that appears on the video. The smaller the size selected, the smaller the size of the transport icon displayed, and the map image will be more clearly visible.

5. Save or Share Video

After the above steps are completed, users can process the animated video. The trick is to select the save video to camera roll option at the bottom of the app. Press the button, then wait for the video saving process to succeed.

Not only can you save videos in your phone’s gallery, you can also add songs to videos and share them on social media. The social media options available on this app include Whatsapp, Instagram, Tiktok, and Facebook.

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