10 Strongest and Best Combos in Magic Chess in Mobile Legends (June 2021 Update) (ML)

Therefore, we will summarize for you the 6 best and strongest combos of Magic Chess Mobile Legends in 2021 so that it is easier and more masterful for you to become a winner in the Magic Chess game.


For those who like Mobile Legends games and of course they already know and understand the addition of slot games in the Mobile Legends game. Yes it is one of them Magic chess. Now, this time there are 10 Best Magic Chess ML Strongest Combos in Mobile Legends (June 2021 Update) that you can try while playing. Therefore, we will summarize for you the 6 best and strongest combos of Magic Chess Mobile Legends in 2021 so that it is easier and more masterful for you to become a winner in the Magic Chess game.

But the game itself, getting here the Magic chess game is getting more and more difficult. Especially if you don’t know the best and strongest combo to face your opponent, plus a team that happens to be amateurs or commonly called a noob player.

Weapon Master + Northern Vale + Los Pecados + Abyss

Is the best synergy that has the ability to attack and defend high. This synergy is very strong and suitable for you to use when playing Magic Chess.

Here are the hero recommendations that you can use.

  • Claude (Los Pecados)
  • Zilong (Weapon Master
  • Aurora (Northern Vale)
  • Moscow (Abyss)
  • Helcurt (Abyss)
  • Argus (Weapon Master, Abyss)
  • Freya (Weapon Master, Northern Vale)
  • Thamuz (Weapon Master, Abyss)
  • Martis (Weapon Master
  • Franco (Weapon Master, Los Pecados, Northern Vale

Archer + Swordsman + Mech Era

The second is a synergy combo that is very helpful in matches, this synergy combo is also very popular with its ability to restore one’s own mana and reduce the opponent’s mana.

Then to give high physical damage and can even increase a high attack speed so that the opponent is difficult to attack, and you can attack the opponent more often.

Here are the hero recommendations for this one combo:

  • Miya (Archer)
  • Irithel (Archer)
  • Lancelot (Swordsman)
  • Ling (Swordsman)
  • Hayabusa (Mech Era, Swordsman)
  • Lesley (Mech Era, Archer)
  • Saber (Mech Era, Swordsman)
  • Johnson (Mech Era)
  • Karrie (Mech Era, Archer)
  • Nana (Mech Era)

Elementalist + Swordsman + Wyrmslayer Warrior

Is a synergy combo that focuses on recovering mana and reducing the opponent’s mana, then a big attack from the Wyrmslayer combo by increasing the hero’s ATK.

With elementalists, you will also get some heroes who reach level 3 easily. This combo is perfect for beginners and strong too.

Meanwhile, the recommended heroes that you can use are as follows:

  • Valir (Elementalist, Wyrmslayer Warrior)
  • Eudora (Elementalist)
  • Aurora (Elementalist)
  • Luo Yi (Elementalist)
  • Ling (Swordsman, Wyrmslayer Warrior)
  • Kimmy (Wyrmslayer Warrior)
  • Estes (Wyrmslayer Warrior)
  • Saber (Swordsman)
  • Hayabusa (Swordsman)
  • Lancelot (Swordsman)

Wyrmslayer Warrior + Wrestler + Swordsman + Astro Power

Next up is one very powerful synergy combo that focuses on CC and attacks. Wrestler can give 30% chance to cause stun.

While the Swordsman can provide high attacks and restore HP, and the Wyrmslayer Warrior will increase ATK greater so that it deals high damage.

The heroes we recommend are as follows:

  • Ling (Wyrmslayer Warrior, Swordsman)
  • Lancelot (Astro Power, Swordsman)
  • Martis (Astro Power)
  • Odette (Astro Power)
  • Irithel (Astro Power)
  • Karina (Astro Power)
  • Chou (Wrestler)
  • Masha (Wyrmslayer Warrior, Wrestler)
  • Aldous (Wrestler)
  • Badang (Wrestler, Astro Power)

Mage + Northern Vale + Wrestler

Next is a synergy combo that allows it to cause powerful attacks in the early game. Thanks to the Northern Vale hero, the initial attack will get full mana, then the Mage synergy will deal high damage.

After that, the ability of the Wrestler will stun the opponent enough to make the opponent unable to attack temporarily, and the brutal attack of Magic Damage will devour the opponent.

Recommended heroes that can be used are as follows:

  • Freya (Northern Vale)
  • Franco (Northern Vale)
  • Aurora (Northern Vale, Mage)
  • Masha (Wrestler)
  • Chou (Wrestler)
  • Odette (Mage)
  • Harley (Mage)
  • Chang’e (Mage)
  • Esmeralda (Mage)
  • Harith (Mage)

6 Mages + Northern Vale + 2 Empires

Combo Arrangement:
Hero Mage : Aurora + Odette + Harrid + Chang’e + Alice + Esmeralda

Northern Vale heroes: Freya + Masha + Aurora

Hero Empire: Harrith + Odette

Additional Hero: Moscov + Claude

To do a match, of course there must be a strategy in running it so that victory will be in favor of your team. Of course, by preparing these 6 Mage heroes, the game will be more powerful and superior.

But for the item, we will return it to the respective players, okay? If you want to build Mage, then the synergy combination of 6 Mage, 3 Northern Vale, and 2 Empire is perfect for you to rely on.

6 Assassins + 4 Empires + 2 Scarlet Shadows

Combo Arrangement:
Assassin: Lancelot + Gussion + Hayabusa + Ling + Selena + Saber

Empire : Tigreal + Odette + Lancelot + Gussion

Scarlet Shadow : Kagura + Hayabusa

Additional Hero: Johnson

The combination of 6 Assassins 4 Empires and 2 Scarlet Shadows is guaranteed to make the enemy unable to move. Especially if you combine them into one line up. Then a very deadly Magic Chess combo will be created.

6 Weapon Masters + 4 Abyss + Support

Combo arrangement:
Hero Weapon Master : Argus + Terizla + Freya + Zilong + Alpha + Martis

Abyss Hero : Moskov + Dyrroth + Argus + Terizla

Hero Support : Ragaela + Angela

Hero Weapon Master consisting of 6 heroes will become a deadly combo when combined with 4 Abyss + 1 Support.

This combination of hero combos focuses on regenerating HP and strengthening the incoming damage to the enemy. All of these heroes are able to recover 65% HP after dealing damage to enemies.

Abyss contributes to a reduction in the opponent’s Physical Defense by up to 35 points. As for the Support type, it will increase the stats of other heroes with their heroes, namely 20% Attack, Physical and Magic Defense by 20%.

6 Dragon Altar + 4 Summoner + 1 Support

Combo Arrangement:
Dragon Altar : Sun + Akai + Baxia + Ling + Chang’e + Wanwan

Summoner : Zhask + Vexana + Diggie + Sun

Support : Angela or Estes

This is the most epic combination to play in Magic Chess Mobile Legends. Starting from the Dragon Altar which contributes additional attack speed and shield if a friend is killed.

6 Marskman + 2 Abyys + 2 Scarlet Shadow

Combo Arrangement:
Marskman : Claude + Granger + Hanabi + Irithel + Moscov + Miya

Abys : Terizla + Moscov

Scarlet Shadow : Hayabusa + Hanabi

Hero Support : Rafaela

The best combination of Magic Chess Mobile Legends is a sick combination. And this combo is the strongest combo most used by the Top Global Magic Chess lineup.

The players can use this combination so that you can win continuously. Make sure you use a good combination so that later when you fight you will continue to win along with this combination.

That’s the recommended combination of games from Magic Chess Mobile Legends that you can follow. This is so that you understand how best to combine the heroes in these mobile legends. Keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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